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    Agning is a "hothouse" planet located in the Aysur System of the Caleston Rift.

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    Agnin is a scorching planet of methane and sulfur dioxide.  This particular mix of gases gives the planet a light green color in visible light.  The sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere is caused by the volcanic activity on the surface, with the sulfur dioxide forming into sulfuric acid in the upper layers of the atmosphere.  But, with extreme temperatures climbing above 600 °C, the acid evaporates before it even reaches the surface.  This harsh environment has prevented any exploration other than small robotic probes.
    Orbital Distance: 0.7 AU
    Orbital Period: 0.6 EY (Earth Years)
    Radius: 4,834 km
    Day Length: 61.1 EH (Earth Hours)
    Atmosphere Pressure: 86.87 atm
    Surface Temperature: 684° C
    Surface Gravity: 0.5 g
    Mass: 0.285 EM (Earth Masses)
    Moons: N/A

    Mineral Deposits

    Agnin is rich in deposits of Platinum and Iridium with clusters of Palladium.
    Palladium: 6,100
    Platinum: 12,400
    Iridium: 15,000
    Element Zero: 0

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