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Airport CEO is a 2D, overhead style management game where the player is responsible for constructing and operating an airport. Airport CEO was initially released in 2017 with Alpha 20.7 as an early-access title, and has since seen a total of 14 (as of 4/8/20) major updates. These updates have completely overhauled core mechanics of the game, including the progression system, while adding new systems like multiple floor construction and large aircraft handling.

Alpha 24 (12/19/17)

- Enabled Airline Modding

- Steam Cloud Support

- Modifications to the Airline contract system, simplifying the experience

Alpha 25 (3/14/18)

- Primarily focused on improving performance

- New path-finding system for guests

- Adjusted the default world size

Alpha 26 (3/28/18)

- Continued performance improvements

- New Subway entrance for guests

- Added the ability to unlock new areas to build on

Alpha 27 ("The New UI Update", 6/26/18)

- Overhauled the existing UI

- Replaced the core flight scheduler

- Reworked existing notification system

- Added Steam Workshop support

Alpha 29 (1/28/19)

- Major performance update, focused on going through much of the old code to increase performance

Alpha 30 ("The Soundtrack Update", 3/26/19)

- Developed alongside Alpha 29

- Contains an hour of original music composed by Daniel Rosenqvist and Anton Dromberg

- New interactive tutorials

- Plenty of additional bug fixes and performance improvements

Alpha 31 ("The Multi-Floor Update", 7/2/19)

- Added the ability to build both above ground and below ground

- Added aircraft cabin cleaning service

- New language localization system


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