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    A playable Dota character, Alchemist is a Strength hero affiliated with the Radiant.

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    Alchemist is a Radiant melee strength hero that has the ability to carry.
    Acid Spray - Alchemist's Q ability, it sprays an acid across a range that damages any enemies that step into it.
    Unstable Concoction - Alchemist's W ability, a stun that, when activate, starts a seven second timer. As the timer ticks down the stun will do more damage whenever you choose to release it. If you do not release it Alchemist himself will take the damage.
    Greevil's Greed - Alchemist's E ability, a passive ability that grants bonus gold for killing creeps.
    Chemical Rage - Alchemist's R ultimate ability, an ability that sends Alchemist into a rage, increasing his attack speed, health, health regeneration, mana regenration, and move speed.


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