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The story picks up 9 years after the original outbreak in Alien Breed 1, when Interplanetary Corps members Johnson and Stone took on an alien invasion on a remote research station and ended the alien threat.  But recent reports show strange transmission being sent for a Federation Colony.  The IPC sense two of its best marines to investigate, not knowing that aliens are back with a vengeance.


  • 12 levels
  • Varied alien enemies
  • Full screen, 32 color smooth scrolling
  • Digitized speech
  • Stereo 4 channel sound effects
  • Soundtrack
  • Complex weaponry system
  • Simultaneous 2 player action


Many improvements were made from Alien Breed to Alien Breed 2, including a comprehensive rewriting of the game engine to allow for smoother scrolling between screen, improved graphics, and an increase in the size and number of levels.  The difficulty was also increased between the first and second game.  Alien Breed 2 is the only game in the Alien Breed series that lets players choose between four different characters.  Each character has its own strengths and weaknesses and affects the gameplay.


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