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    Allen Snider

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    Allen Snider is from the Street Fighter EX series

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     Allen Snider was an Arika developed original character first introduced to the Street Fighter EX series as Ken Masters rival. Allen lost to Ken in the All American Martial Arts Tournament but received  encouragement from Ken to improve his skills. Using this motivation, Allen learned new moves similar to Ken's.

    Signature Moves

    Soul Force
    This move is similar to the Hadouken and performed in the same fashion.
    Rising Dragon
    This move is similar to the Shoryuken and is able to hit multiple times.
    Justice Fist
    Allen takes a large sliding step forward with a solid straight punch. If the move hits his opponent, Allen performs a Horse-stance taunt.
    Fire Force
    A multi-hitting version of the Soul Force similar to the Shinku-Hadouken.
    Triple Break
    Allen performs a low, floating hop with three high kicks in succession. The final kick launches the opponent high into the air allowing Allen to follow up with other moves.

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