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To put it simply, Angel Egg is a multi-ball-oriented game. The better a player is at obtaining and retaining multiple balls simultaneously, the better their score will be. Therefore, starting a multi-ball is easy. To start a multi-ball, a player must meet a few simple conditions, such as hitting a group of targets or a single target twice, and then successfully shooting the single pinball into the matching hole.

However, getting a simple two-ball multi-ball will not provide very much score. One of Angel Egg's most interesting features is that the higher-scoring features, such as jackpot and super jackpot, change depending on how many balls are in play. The highest scores are acquired with the astounding six-ball multi-ball.

The seven archangels that play an important role in the game are as follows:

     Michael means "who is as God". He decides where people are sent for eternity; heaven or hell. Michael is often known as a dragon-slayer, described in wondrous form with swords and armor.

Gabriel means "power" or "hero". He is the governor of Eden and the ruler of Cherubim. Gabriel is usually described as a lily-holding female angel.     

     Raphael means "shining one who heals". He is the guardian of the Tree of Life in Eden and the angel of the Sun. Raphael is commonly shown holding a medicine bottle.

Uriel means "the fire of God" or "the face of God". He watches over thunder and terror, standing at the gate of Eden. Uriel is seen wielding a fiery sword.     

     Sariel means "God's command". He is responsible for the fates of angels who disobey God's commands.

Raguel is the angel of earth. He watches over the other angels' good conduct.     

     Akrasiel means "the secret of God" and "Angel of Mysteries". It is said that he wrote The Book Of The Angel Akrasiel, and gave the book to Adam; who later gave it to Noah, who consulted it while building the Ark.

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