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    One-Handed Gameplay

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    Games that can be played with one hand, typically using only half of a standard controller or only the mouse/keyboard.

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    This concept is for games that are designed to be playable using only one hand. However, this excludes games that can be somewhat played with one hand by skilled players.


    • Suikoden III has a specific control set that lets you play one-handed. One shoulder button on the left to "Okay" and the other shoulder button on the left to "Cancel", and select to the menu. The D-pad is used to navigate around.
    • Most point-and-click adventures are controlled just by using the mouse. For example, the Monkey Island series, to name one of many.
    • Some iphone games that only require one finger to play such as Orbital where players must tap the touch screen at the right time to fire a ball.

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