Look's like this game is reviving Titanfall 2's PC community.

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I'm gonna rebuy it on PC and check it out there. Apex Legends is actually pretty dec. but I wanna get back on the Titanfall 2 train while it lasts.

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Worked on me, just picked up Titanfall 2 finally and I'm having great time with the coop mode. Was worried that it would be tough to find a game, but there even seems to be plenty of new players like me to match with.

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I'm downloading it again on PS4. I really miss my mech.

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Hopefully we see the uptick everywhere. Titanfall 2 deserves the attention, even if it's belated.

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Got the same urge, but instead of jumping back on PS4 I'd rather give the PC version a shot. Never could adjust to the wallrunning + aiming on a joypad. Joypad? Do we still say that? Gamepad? Dumbwaiters?

Only played a couple matches of Apex, but it's okay! Technically my first foray in BR games though. Had Origin open since the Anthem demo was happening, enjoyed the feel of Titanfall 2, figured what the heck. All part of their plan I'm sure.

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#6 Posted by Sovietdancnbear (126 posts) -

Downloading it again on Xbone and looking for it to be on sale on Origin soon.

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I've been playing some Titanfall 1&2 on the XBO too. There doesnt seem to be that many players but it's easy enough to get into a game.

For some reason though it takes less time to get into a Titanfall 1 game than 2, depite 2 having 10 times as many active players. Not really sure whats up with that.

Still not the biggest fan of Apex, I won my first game today and it was just kind of anti-climatic? It seems well made but it lacks a lot of the tension of other Battle Royale games.

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Good to hear! I've been thinking about reinstalling TF2. Played a few rounds of Apex Legends and while I can totally see the potential for that game to be amazing the reliance on the 2 randomers I'm forced to team up with... haven't exactly resulted in anything good so far.

That and I feel enemies are a little too bullet spongy to make engagements fun.

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@boozak: Game modes. There's more in TF2 so it spreads the player base out. I could be wrong on this too, but in TF did you just launch the online and get put into a random mode as well?

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Also heads up to XB1 owners: the Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition is currently on sale on the Windows Store for literally $4

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@jesus_phish: No I chose Attrition. The first Titanfall says how many people are in each game mode and 90% of them were playing that. (which works for me as I think it's the best one)

I like Titanfall 2 a lot but one of my problems with it is that half of the game modes dont have mechs and only two of them have bots.

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