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Provides you with invulnerability that lasts until you release the button or the duration of the ability is maxed. If you max out the ability you will have to wait for a short cooldown before you can use this ability again, otherwise you can activate it again as long as you have some left. While you are in armor lock you become immobile although you can move the camera and in effect reposition the way you are facing to instantly perform a melee, grenade throw, etc when you come out of armor lock.  Armor lock sheds any plasma grenades that are stuck to you when activated, repels rockets, and will destroy some vehicles (Ghosts and rarely Revenants) if they are smashed against you at boosted speed.  When you release there is an EMP blast, the size of which depends on how long you hold down the ability. It also seems to provide a small knock back effect if an enemy is within range of the blast, giving you a short window of opportunity to counter attack.

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