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    Arsene Lupin III

    Character » appears in 26 games

    The world's greatest thief, Lupin the Third is a master of disguise, escape artist and is the main character from the Lupin III series.

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    Arsene Lupin the 3rd, or more commonly referred to as "Lupin" is a master thief who lives for sex, money, and adventure from the Lupin III manga and anime series. He is the grandson of Arsene Lupin, a popular fictional character created by Maurice Leblanc. His love interest is Fujiko Mine, who can be a an ally of Lupin as well as an enemy as she is always switching sides, but Lupin still has an incredible lust for her as he does thievery. He doesn't kill, he is more of an escape artist, however he does carry a pistol. His most common outfit is a pink tie, blue shirt, and red jacket, but he is also known to wear a green jacket as well. 
    Throughout the years there have been many games based on the Lupin series, but they have mostly never been released outside Japan.


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