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Castle Crashers Coming To PSN This Month

The Behemoth explains what took so long.

Castle Crashers, indie developer The Behemoth's charming four-player beat 'em up, is coming to PSN on August 31, 2010, according to a recent dev post on The Behemoth's official website.

The game originally debuted on Xbox Live Marketplace about two years ago after an unveil at Comic-Con 2006. The PSN version of Castle Crashers was announced around July of last year, but only now has a firm release date. 

So, what took so long? That's a question The Behemoth gets a lot apparently. Its release date confirmation post specifically mentions the frequency of the question and does give a decent answer to it. Officially, the devs are citing polish as the reason for the wait. But current development on a fresh downloadable might have been playing a role in the longish delay between announcement and release.

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"… our whole team’s goal is to make you all happy, so we want to share it right now," the blog post read. "We’re super antsy. But like all of our games, we can never rush anything as it’s necessary to make sure that every little piece is airtight. And fun!"

The Behemoth is taking Castle Crashers PSN on the road after its August PSN release. A four-player arcade cabinet edition of the game will be playable at PAX on September 3-5 in Booth #3102. The rig will be joined by The Behemoth's other game, BattleBlock Theater, in the booth.