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Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Shatters XBLA First-Week Sales Record

Some people are apparently still way into zombies.

Initial sales of Capcom and Blue Castle Games' Dead Rising 2 pre-LC Dead Rising 2: Case Zero might have made a pretty compelling case for this style of unique prerelease demo content. Capcom has announced that the XBLA version of the game--it is a "game," by the way, and not a demo--has "broken all records on Xbox Live" with the highest week-one unit sales ever in the history of the digital distribution service. 

Unfortunately, it's impossible to nail down Case Zero's exact unit-sold numbers. Like most other XBLA game creators, Capcom has decided to keep those under wraps. A mini-analysis of Case Zero written earlier this week by Gamerbytes, though, did peg the game as an above300,000-unit seller--a strong number for a downloadable game, obviously. 

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Good games get rewarded with sales, as our own Brad Shoemarker deemed the game worth your time for it's ridiculously low five-dollar barrier of entry. I agree with his assessment, but I do wish Chuck Greene's watch was just a tad bit more visually stimulating. I've spent far too long staring at that mundane thing.