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    Dead Rising 2

    Game » consists of 18 releases. Released Sep 02, 2010

    Dead Rising 2 is a third-person action-adventure survival horror game that takes place five years after the end of the original Dead Rising, moving its zombie apocalypse setting into the glamorous Fortune City.

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    Chuck Greene, the game's protagonist, with his own invention: the Paddlesaw.
    Chuck Greene, the game's protagonist, with his own invention: the Paddlesaw.

    Dead Rising 2 is a third-person action-adventure survival horror game developed by Capcom in conjunction with Blue Castle Games and published by Capcom for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. Taking place five years after the original Dead Rising, players control former Motocross champion Chuck Greene as he uncovers a conspiracy involving the zombie outbreak in the glamorous Las Vegas-like city of Fortune City while trying to earn money to keep his daughter, Katey, from becoming a zombie (using an experimental drug called Zombrex). Dead Rising 2 was released in the US on September 28, 2010.

    Almost a month before the game's release, Capcom published a downloadable prologue game to Dead Rising 2 exclusively for the Xbox 360 via Xbox Live Arcade for 400 MSP ($5). Dead Rising 2: Case Zero features the same (albeit limited) gameplay engine and takes place in the small desert town of Still Creek. Experience gained in the prologue carries over to Dead Rising 2 (to a level cap of 5), giving the player a head start.


    The story is set several years after the first game. It's set in a universe where zombies have become a common thing, where a temporary cure exists, Zombrex that must be injected every 24 hours after infection. For some zombies have become a source of entertainment with the show Terror Is Reality while others think Zombies should have rights, like the PETA activist group C.U.R.E.

    The game opens up with Chuck fixing his bike. He's to perform in the game show "Terror is Reality" so he can win money to buy Zombrex for his sick daughter Katey. Terror Is Reality (TIR) is an extremely violent controversial, popular pay-per-view show that consists in killing zombies.

    Chuck knows his way around a zombie or two
    Chuck knows his way around a zombie or two

    It's hosted by Tyrone King, who entertains the crowds as the contestants risk their lives for the sake of TV. TK sometimes considers the show as payback for what the zombies have done to the world and pitches the show as typically American.

    Before the show starts, Chuck hands his daughter off to an assistant (who takes her to the green room) who asks him to fill out a form that includes stating his next of kin, in case he were to die during the show. What Chuck must do to win is to drive his motorcycle that has chainsaws bolted to each side of it and kill the most zombies possible. Before the beginning of the event, a contestant mocks Chuck about the fact that his wife died in Vegas and that he must "suck" at killing zombies since he couldn't save her.

    Greene keeps his cool and wins the event. While the prize money is being given to him, the twins, two extremely attractive women who help host the show with TK, mock Chuck about not putting up a good enough show and the fact that he can't handle such "curves" (while saying this one of the twins move her hands sexually down her body). Chuck goes back to the locker room and takes a service elevator to the green room. But he's knocked out when the service elevator comes to a sudden stop.

    Greene wakes up and pries the elevator doors only to realize that zombies are beginning to take over Fortune City, eating everyone in sight. He makes his way to the green room and finds Katey hiding in a closet. Greene takes her through the chaos and into an emergency safe house along with other survivors. They're greeted in the in the safe haven by Ray Sullivan, an officer of the FCS. At the beginning, he's reluctant to let Chuck in because of Katey, who's been bitten, Chuck convinces him, telling him that he has Zombrex. Ray tells our hero that there is no Zombrex in the safe house, and that they'll be stuck in the house for three days, while the military quarantines off the city.

    Chuck makes a plan to go out and search for more Zombrex. He's overheard by Stacey Forsythe. Stacey is at the head of activist group C.U.R.E (Citizens for Undead Rights and Equality) who fight for the rights of the infected and for price drops on Zombrex. She was in Fortune City protesting against TIR when the outbreak happened. She tells Chuck that he can find medicine in a local pharmacy and after killing loads of zombies, Chuck finds the medicine and brings it back to Katie in time.

    While watching the news, local reporter Rebecca Chang explains that the Fortune City outbreak was more of a terrorist act than an accident. She shows CCTV footage of a person in the same motorcycle gear as Chuck blow a cage open releasing all the zombies, at which point Chang directly accuses Greene of being responsible for the outbreak. Chuck gives his daughter to Stacey as he goes to search for the reporter and the truth behind the conspiracy.

    He makes his way towards the Fortune City hotel to find Rebecca. It's revealed that the journalist is on her own since her crew decided to

    Rebecca Chang
    Rebecca Chang

    flee. She's ready to put herself in incredible danger to get the scoop. Chuck meets her and starts interrogating her about her source. Rebecca tells him that good journalists never reveal their sources and that she'll help Greene if she can get an exclusive interview. Chuck agrees and Rebecca leads him to the security room where the tape came from. But when they get there, they realize that everything has been erased and destroyed. What's even more disturbing is that the security guard has been murdered, not killed by a zombie.

    Chang decides to head back to the safe-house with Chuck and meets Stacey. Despite the fact that the two ladies don't really get along, the three decide to work together to get to the bottom of the conspiracy. Rebecca decides to go back out to look for scoops, Stacey monitors the security screens while Chuck goes and finds Zombrex for his daughter. Ray watches TV and discovers the accusations made against Chuck. He tells him that he won't kick him and his daughter out as long as he keeps bringing back survivors. Stacey calls Chuck to tell him that she's seen armed men messing with the the underground passages in Fortune City and sends Chuck to investigate.

    Chuck discovers mercs loading a train in the underground. After eliminating a couple of them, he discovers that these men are working for Tyrone King. TK seems to be behind the conspiracy, openly admitting that he's the one that framed Greene and that he made him a "star". TK makes off on the train but Chuck finds a motorcycle and chases after it. After boarding the train and killing more mercenaries, TK gets away by separating the train cars.

    Greene heads back to the safe house and gives Zombrex to his daughter. He tells everything to Rebecca and wants nothing more than to take


    TK down. Stacey reminds him to stay safe, for Katey's sake even though it becomes apparent that she may be falling for the motocross champion. TK's mercenaries start drilling into every single casino in the city. Chuck believes that TK is trying to accomplish a heist, a heist that involves stealing money from all the casinos. Chuck foils this plot but yet again TK gets away.

    After saving the casinos, Rebecca shows up and starts filming everything. She tells Chuck that despite her prior statements, she wants Chuck to meet her source. Chuck goes to the Yucatan casino and goes to the rendezvous point in the casino's night club. When he arrives, he discovers the twins (the two sexy ladies who hosted TIR at the beginning of the game) were Rebecca's source and are now holding her hostage, feeling her in sexy ways, they then whip out katana's and start fighting Chuck.

    He kills one of them, leading the second one to commit suicide since they consider themselves halves. Before dying, she promises Chuck that "they" will never let him leave alive. Chuck frees Rebecca who tells him that TK intends to escape via helicopter with all the money. The problem is that she doesn't know when this is going to happen, so she'll have to watch the skies and tell Chuck if she sees anything.

    While Rebecca waits, Chuck returns to the safe house to give Katey her regular 24h Zombrex shot. After giving her the shot, she faints. Chuck is worried about her since this is the same thing that happened to his wife. At this point, the game starts referencing the first Dead Rising like crazy. Stacey tells a story about her now deceased sister who decided to stop taking Zombrex because she felt it was taking over her life which lead to her turning into a zombie. At this point, Stacey starts talking about a cure and Frank West, Isabella Keyes and their fight to find a cure using the queen bees. Chuck also talks about the Willamette incident and Carlito Keyes. Stacey expresses her hope that Isabella may have found a cure.

    Chuck joins Rebecca on the roof to wait for TK's helicopter. After several hours, a helicopter finally lands on top of the Fortune City Hotel. Chuck makes his way over there and confronts TK. Sick of Chuck's interference, the evil game show host boards the helicopter, ready to make his escape but our hero runs and attaches a crane to the bottom of the helicopter, which causes it to crash an blow up. TK, the only survivor, lands at Chuck's feet. As burning money starts raining from the sky, Rebbecca arrives, filming the whole thing while Chuck promises her that TK will pay for his wrong doings.

    TK is brought back to the safe house and handcuffed to a bed. Despite Sullivan wanting to kill the man, Chuck stops him, telling him that he must be kept alive. At 9 am on the 4th day, the military finally arrives, lead by a trigger happy sergeant, they start shooting up the place, killing zombies with ease. Suddenly, gas starts coming out of the sewers and the zombies mutate, becoming bullet proof, quicker and more powerful. The military get killed off, much to the dismay of the survivors. Only the sergeant escapes, almost running Rebecca over with his Humvee.

    Freedom Bear knows zombies must die!
    Freedom Bear knows zombies must die!

    Back at the safe house, Sullivan explains that a second batch of soldiers should be deployed in 24 hours. If they fail, than Fortune City will be wiped off the map. Chuck goes down into the underground and saves Chang from the now crazy sergeant. After carrying her back to the safe house (she sprained her ankle), they interrogate TK. TK explains that Chuck was chosen because he fit the part and that his DNA was all over the arena, making him the ideal culprit. The survivors have a hard time believing that all this was TK's work and when he says something about "them" releasing the gas, it becomes apparent that TK was just a pawn.

    Suddenly, there is a breach inside the safe house. The main door has been sabotaged and thousands of zombies begin to pour in. After fixing the door, Chuck stumbles into a now free TK, who gets bitten by a zombie. Sullivan, who was supposed to be watching the criminal, says that he was knocked out cold. At this point, the player can decide to give Zombrex to TK or not. The survivors watch the news and realize that they're being played: the anchorman announces that the second batch of soldiers had been deployed, finding the safe house over run with zombies with all dead. The government has decided that the situation has gone out of control and that the Fortune City must be fire bombed.

    Distraught, Chuck decides to follow the only lead he has, go to the gas's source. As he ventures once again into the underground, he discovers that the zombies are attracted by the source and are lead into a special room with what seems to be a giant hive of queen bees. The zombies are destroyed by the bees while gas continues to be pumped out. Chuck also discovers a lab and finally discovers who's really behind all this: Phenotrans, the company that makes Zombrex.

    Chuck steals a laptop which he brings back to the safe house. Rebecca puts all the pieces together: a significant zombie outbreak hadn't happened in years and people weren't using Zombrex anymore. Phenotrans had to find a way to make people use Zombrex again and by making a new kind of zombie, the population would start to fear zombies again and rush out to buy the drug. In the end, the Fortune City outbreak was a way to spark sales. Rebecca also figures that there is an inside man. But just as she's about to figure it out, Sullivan takes out his gun and kills Rebecca with a bullet to the face. He reveals that he is the inside man and that none of the survivors were supposed to survive the initial outbreak. He's about to kill Chuck and Katey when Stacey disarms Sullivan who then runs away which Chuck gives chase.

    Chuck finds Sullivan at the top of the Yucatan casino. Here, Sullivan pretty much explains everything. TK was a pawn, he was just supposed to frame Chuck but the casino heist had nothing to do with Phenotrans. Sulllivan explains that Zombrex is essential to America, as CEOs, politicians and the likes use it. If it were to go bankrupt, America would collapse. The zombie outbreak is necessary to develop Zombrex, and that Sullivan is also responsible for the Las Vegas outbreak that killed Chuck's wife.

    Chuck, hard at work at his next tool of death.
    Chuck, hard at work at his next tool of death.

    Angry as hell, Chuck attacks Sullivan. Sullivan has the back up of a jet that came to pick him up, Sullivan plans to use a hook parachute to make his escape and the jet regularly fires rockets at Chuck that blows parts of the roof off. After a long and violent encounter, Chuck seems to get the upper hand and disarms Sullivan. Just as he's about to win, the jet fires its cannons and knocks Chuck out cold. As Sullivan deploys his parachute and bids farewell to our hero, Chuck wakes up and hand-cuffs Sullivan to a pole just as the AC-130 fnishes hooking his parachute - the result is Sullivan being torn in two.

    Chuck gets up and takes Sullivan's satellite phone to call Channel 6 news (the news station Rebecca was working for) and tells them that he's a survivor in Fortune City and that if they want the story of a lifetime, they need to send rescue helicopters to the zombie infested city. Some time later, helicopters arrive and start evacuating survivors. As the final helicopter is about to leave, Chuck can't find Stacey and Katey and tells the final helicopter to leave without him. He goes down to the now deserted safe house and only finds his daughter's back pack. As he stares blankly at the bag, the credits begin to roll...

    After the credits, Chuck is seen looking at the security monitors for any signs of his daughter. Suddenly, his walkie-talkie rings and the booming voice of TK is heard. He's holding Stacey and Katey hostage and will do harm to them unless Chuck does a few errands for the evil host. Chuck is forced to comply and starts collecting random objects for TK like expensive champagne, a lab coat, a wireless headset, compromising pictures and a USB drive. The story never tells you why you need to collect these objects but after collecting them all, Chuck makes his way back to the Fortune City Arena.

    Upon entering the Arena, he's zapped in the back by TK and knocked out. He wakes up upside down, attached by the feet over an arena filled with zombies and tied to separate rope is Stacey and Katey. TK arrives with his microphone and starts entertaining as though there were an audience. Chuck unties himself and climbs the rope until he reaches a platform. He starts to crank the other two up but TK arrives and stops him. Chuck starts fighting TK while keeping Stacey and Katey from being lowered into a pit of zombies.

    TK grabs Chuck by the neck and starts choking him off the side of the platform. He starts asking Chuck if "he's willing to risk it all... you have to.." but Chuck stops him mid sentence and throws the evil game show host over the edge of the platform and to his death. Chuck finishes the sentence with "win big!". This was the catch phrase used by TK before each show. Chuck hoists Stacey and Katey, makes a terrible pun ("I wasn't gonna leave you two hanging there"), everybody hugs and all three of them walk off holding hands. Credits roll.

    Note that this is the S ending. The game also calls this the "true" ending and can only be obtained when the player correctly gives Zombrex to Katey, completes all the cases and gives Zombrex to TK.

    There are different endings according to some of the player's choices made during the game. For example, if Chuck doesn't give TK Zombrex, Stacey and Katey escape Fortune City but Chuck is eaten by zombies right before getting on the helicopter. If you don't give Katey Zombrex, Chuck loses all hope and lets himself get eaten by the walking dead. If Chuck fails to close the safe house door during "Breach" than the military fire bombs the city, killing Chuck and all the survivors. If Chuck doesn't make it back to the safe house in time before the military arrives, than he's arrested by the army (accused for the zombie outbreak). However the military convoy is attacked by zombies and everyone gets killed.


    There are multiple types of zombies in Dead Rising 2. There are the regular kinds of zombies. These zombies come in different chapes and forms. There are both male and female zombies in the game including overweight zombies that don't move very fast. There can be hundreds of zombies on screen at the same time. The zombies can hurt Chuck in different ways:

    • They can lunge at Chuck and grab onto to him. At this point, a quick time event is initiated where the player must wiggle the stick to get free. The zombies usually grab on to Chuck's neck but female zombies sometimes grab on to Chuck's groin.
    • They can grab Chuck from behind and put him on the ground and start eating him. At this point, Chuck must press a button to get free. This can also happen when the player doesn't wiggle the stick fast enough.

    After a certain point in the game, a new kind of zombie appears, a mutated, more powerful kind. They're quicker, knocking over other zombies when they run towards you. They can swipe at you, vomit bile and are bulletproof. If they grab on to you, you have to wiggle the stick a number of times before pressing a button. They're the most powerful zombies in the game.


    Throughout the game, Chuck will encounter different psychos he must defeat. These are people who've been driven mad by the zombie outbreak and must be stopped. They are the game's boss battles and some are tied with the story while others are optional.

    Main PsychopathsDescriptionTime Encountered
    Tyrone "TK" KingThe host of the deadly game show, "Terror Is Reality", and also the cause of Chuck's framing for the Fortune City zombie outbreak. He is part of Phenotrans' payroll, but his greed ultimately gets the best of him when he decides to try and loot the cities casinos so he can get out of Fortune City an even richer man.Overtime
    Crystal & Amber BaileyThese two ravishing twins, found initially backstage at the arena, later on attack and capture Rebecca at the Shoal Nightclub, inside the Yucatan Casino. The battle with the twins is initiated because Chuck wants to save Rebecca in addition to the fact that they are involved with Chuck being framed for the zombie outbreak.Case 4-1
    Sgt. Dwight BoykinTough military guy who is supposed to lead his troops to wipe Fortune City clean of zombies and save the survivors. His troops are quickly wiped out, and he enters a delusional, psychopathic state wherein he believes his troops to still be alive.Case 6-2
    Raymond SullivanInitially he tries to pass off as the lone Fortune City guard left doing his best to keep order inside the Safe House. When Chuck discovers the truth of the outbreak, he reveals himself to be working with Pheontrans, and subsequently betrays Chuck and the survivors.The Facts
    Optional PsychopathsDescriptionMission Encountered
    Ted Smith & SnowflakeThis caretaker can be found in the Yucatan Casino. He knocks Chuck out and plans to feed him to Snowflake, a tiger since there is no more fresh meat left. Chuck tries to reason with him but accidentally says the word "slow" which pisses Ted off and provokes the encounter.Boss Battle
    Leon BellChuck meets Leon Bell right before the introductory TIR event. He's not a nice guy, making fun of Chuck for having lost his wife. Chuck meets him again after the outbreak in Fortune Park where Leon drives his motocross that has two chainsaws attached to it, killing other survivors. He challenges Chuck to a rematch, throwing him the keys to another motocross bike and constantly repeats that he's deeply disappointed in Chuck who used to be his hero.Meet the Contestants
    Seymour ReddingSeymour is a low life cop who uses a six shooter and a lasso. The outbreak killed all his colleagues, leaving him in charge. He serves out a special kind of justice by hanging survivors and seems to take pleasure in everyone he kills. Chuck arrives and decides to put an end to this.WWJD?
    Brent ErnstBrent wears the Slappy costume, a mascot that's popular with kids. When the outbreak hit, his second half (another mascot) was killed. He blames Chuck for the outbreak and that he "ruined his date". He also blames Chuck for stealing attention since Chuck is now on TV since he's being framed while Slappy is not. This annoys Slappy who decides to attack Chuck with flame-throwers.Everyone Knows Slappy
    Antoine ThomasRenowned chef, Antoine kind of lost it after the outbreak hit. He can be found in the food court stirring up something nasty, a stew with chunks of human meat in it. He keeps other survivors fresh in the freezer and awaits the arrival of the food critic to rate his food. At first he believes that Chuck is this critic, but his dreams are quickly dashed and he decides that Chuck will make for a fine dessert.Tastes Like Chicken
    Carl SchliffCarl is a mail man who's never missed a delivery and the zombie outbreak isn't about to stop him. He has a special delivery of Zombrex but no one is there to sign the papers for the package. Chuck comes along and decides to play along with the psycho to get the Zombrex for Katey. But Carl recognizes him from the news reports and decides to give him another package, one with a bomb in it.Mail Order Zombrex
    Brandon WhittakerBrandon is a member of CURE who's also gone mad. He hides in the toilets of the Americana casino, where he feeds survivors to zombies he's hidden in the stalls. He worships Chuck for having "shown the way" by releasing the zombies and that becoming a zombie is only a natural evolution. Armed with just a shard of glass that he uses to slit his own throat and wrist, he attacks Chuck when Greene refuses to join Brandon's ideals.Chuck the Role Model
    Bibi LoveBibi Love is a singer that had a one hit wonder in the past, she is trying to make a comeback with this show in fortune city. When her audience of fans flee due to the zombie outbreak she goes crazy, takes several employees for her show hostage and wires up several bombs. She threaten's to blow up the hostages if they try to escape. When Chuck arrives he is mistaken for a stage hand by Bibi, if you complete all of the tasks that she gives to you she will thank you for the help and leap into the crowd which is made up of zombies. You then are able to save her and turn her into a survivor if you choose, this is the only human psychopath that you can save.One Hit Wonder
    Randy TugmanRandy is getting married in one of those Vegas churches. He's an overweight man who's dressed up in a bondage uniform who's forcing his father to marry him with a girl he's captured and dressed up. Randy is sick of being a virgin and believes that marriage will get him a free pass to seventh heaven. Chuck makes it to the church right after Randy and the girl have been declared married at which point Randy kills his father with his chainsaw and then attacks Chuck.Here Comes the Groom
    Reed Wallbeck & Roger WithersReed and Roger are partner magicians found performing at the Atlantica Casino. As Chuck walks in on their practice, he finds them sawing a live woman in half, and exclaims that she isn't a zombie, and that their trick isn't magic. This offends Reed, his thinking that Chuck is criticizing their magical prowess. He and Roger then attack Chuck.World's Most Dangerous Trick

    Non-Zombie Enemies


    Hunters lead by Big Earl appear around the Fortune Strip. These snipers enjoy shooting zombies and survivors for game. They're a caricature of the South, constantly drinking beer and saying how the government is going to take their weapons away. They're also racist, seeing the zombie outbreak the cleansing of the weak so only the true, strong American remains.


    Looters are a group of scavengers who have taken advantage of the zombie outbreak in Fortune City by looting various stores and businesses. They are dressed in gray hooded sweatshirts with "Fortune City, Nevada" written in white on their chests, red bandanas, and backpacks. While most are hostile, there are other looters that inhabit pawnshops around Fortune City, where the player can find various weapons and aids.


    Dead Rising 2 plays very similarly to its predecessor, as Chuck must go through waves of zombies with a cavalcade of improvised weaponry, rescuing survivors and progressing through the main story. Chuck, despite not being a war-time photojournalist, is a bit of a handyman, and can improvise specific components into more powerful tools of destruction (known as Combo Weapons). Players primarily earn Prestige Points (which allow him to level up and gain new abilities) by creatively killing zombies and rescuing survivors.


    There is a large variety of weapons within the game. Here is a listing of some of the various weapons found under each category, please note this is not all the weapons in the game it is just an example of what you can find:

    Melee Weapons

    Alternative Melee Weapons


    Ranged Weapons


    Combo Weapons

    Combo Card featuring the Drill Bucket.
    Combo Card featuring the Drill Bucket.

    One of the main new features in Dead Rising 2 is the ability to combine two certain items together to create a Combo Weapon, which are more powerful tools of destruction (or in some cases, more powerful tools of restoration), which can only be done in the workbenches in specially-marked rooms (called Maintenance Rooms). Players can also find Combo Cards of each weapon, which not only doubles the Prestige Points earned from killing with that weapon, but also grants a special heavy attack. When Combo Weapons are first created without the use of Combo Cards, a Scratch Card is given instead. (Merely a visual reminder for combinations, which can be replaced by Combo Cards when found)

    Mixed Drinks

    Just as in Dead Rising, there are blenders available through Dead Rising 2 allowing the player to mix different drinks and food stuffs in order to create special power ups. The ingredients listed below are not the only combination of food items that you can blend to make that specific juice, but are generally considered the most common.

    • Pain Killer - Vodka and Vodka (While the effect is active you only take half damage)
    • Quick Step - Wine, Beer (You run at three times speed)
    • Randomizer - Wine, Vodka (Low chance of giving you a random power, more likely to make you vomit)
    • Spitfire - Bacon, Onion Rings (Makes you spit fire like a flamethrower)
    • Nectar - Jelly Beans, Beer (or two orange juices) (Makes a Queen appear near you, nearby queens will also fly towards you)
    • Energizer - Taco, Hamburger (You are invincible for a limited amount of time)
    • Repulse - Chili, Large Soda (Zombies will completely ignore you)
    • Untouchable - Pizza Large, Soda (Zombies cannot grab you and will get knocked away as you run past)
    • Zombait - Apple, Taco (Attracts zombies towards Chuck)


    Chuck and Chuck in Co-Op
    Chuck and Chuck in Co-Op

    The game features online co-operative multiplayer for up to two players and online competitive multiplayer for up to four players. The free roaming co-operative mode puts both players as Chuck Greene (each with their own unique attire). Cutscenes remain unchanged, as only the hosting player's Chuck will appear, and only the hosting player will progress through the story. Both players, however, can receive Prestige Points and other items while playing. Online competitive multiplayer pits up to four players in the dystopian and dangerous Terror Is Reality game show, where players must earn points by completing objectives while mowing down groups of zombies.

    • Ramsterball

      Each player is put into a giant metal ball of their color. One player is "it" and must ram zombies to collect points, which must be banked by hitting special "crusher pillars" scattered throughout the arena. Other players must bump into that player to become "it" (which also makes that player lose the current number of collected points, but not the banked points). The player with the most points after two minutes wins.
    • Headache

      The players are put into a smaller arena full of zombies, and must put special blenders on the heads of zombies and then rush to the far side of the arena to push a button to activate the blenders, netting points. Players can carry up to three blenders at a time (which is collected in the middle of the arena) and a stick of dynamite, which is used to blow up enemies wearing enemy blenders (preventing enemy players from gaining points). Players gain bonus points by putting more blenders on zombies before activating the button. The player with the most points after one minute and thirty seconds wins.
    • Pounds of Flesh

      Each player is in their own separate area while wearing a helmet with giant metal antlers attached to it. A group of zombies appear between each player and their large weight scales. Players must flick zombies onto their scale with the antlers, and then "reload" by pressing the Reload Button (in which a giant anvil crushes the zombies and provides a new batch). The player with the most weight on their scale after one minute and thirty seconds wins.
    • Slicecycles

      Each player rides a motorcycle with chainsaws strapped to the front (facing both sides) through mobs of zombies in a large arena. Players earn bonus points by mowing through specially-marked "bonus zombies". The player with the most points after two minutes wins.
    • Ball Buster

      Equipped with bowling balls, each contestant must kill the most zombies by killing them while bowling. There are bonus zombies that boost a player's score and give them the advantage over the competition.
    • Bounty Hunter

      Each player is equipped with a sniper and must kill off zombies that are walking towards a giant grinder in the center of the arena. There are bonus zombies that get you more points and a jackpot just over the grinder that wins you tons of points if you hit it and block the aim of other players.
    • Master Shafter

      Contestants are equipped with spears and must catch falling zombies on them. The challenge is to know exactly where the zombie will fall and press on the appropriate buttons so you can score points. Like the other challenges, this game is score based.
    • Stand Up Zomedy

      In an attempt at comedy, this challenge requires you to dress up the zombies. You and the other contestants stand on a platform with object dispensers all around them. The platform fills up with zombies and you have to dress them up to earn points. You have a wide variety of costumes to chose from, like dresses to flower pots and even unicorns!
    • Zomboni

      You take control of a zombie tank that sucks the blood out of them to fill up a giant cup of zombie blood.

    References in the Game

    • The first time Chuck gives Katie Zombrex she tells Chuck that she has gained a new power in Mega Man, another Capcom game. She is playing the game on a portable device that bears some resemblance to a PSP.
    • One of the weapons in the game is a mask of Blanka from Street Fighter, which when combined with a battery causes it to spread electricity to other Zombies, a reference to electricity being Blanka's signature ability in the Street Fighter series.
    • There are many references to the incident at Willamette, and Dead Rising 1. Players can unlock a Willamette Mall outfit similar to the one Otis wore in Dead Rising 1.
    • Chuck asks Rebecca Chang if she has covered wars or something, in a reference by the developers to Frank West famously stating that he has covered wars.
    • Chuck can unlock a costume that greatly resembles Simon Pegg's character Shaun from the movie Shaun of The Dead.
    • Chuck's default underpants are the same famous heart covered underpants that Sir Arthur wears in Ghosts 'N Goblins; players can also unlock Arthur's armour set by completing certain requirements.

    Special Editions

    Dead Rising 2 features different special editions, each ranging in price, availability, region, and game platform.

    Zombrex Edition

    The Zombrex Edition
    The Zombrex Edition

    Available in both North America and Europe, the Zombrex Edition ($79.99) features a two-disk steel book case (representing a box of the drug Zombrex) with both the game disc and a bonus disc featuring a 24-minute "Making of" featurette. The bonus disc included in the Xbox 360 version also includes the promotional Zombrex: Dead Rising Sun film series. The PlayStation 3 version of the collector's edition includes a voucher for a downloadable XrossMediaBar dynamic theme. The Zombrex Edition also includes fake Zombrex promotional items, including a "syringe" pen, prescription notepad, safety card, and a sales brochure, as well as a 48-page hardback art book for Dead Rising 2. The version distributed in Europe does not come with the promotional items or the art book.

    High Stakes Edition

    The High Stakes Edition
    The High Stakes Edition

    Available only in the Official Capcom Store for a limited time, the High Stakes Edition ($89.99) features the standard game box, a fake visitor map to Fortune City, a poker set (containing cards, poker chips, and dice in a small travelling case), and a DLC voucher for the exclusive "Psycho" costume, which gives new abilities, new attacks, and heavier damage to psycho-based weapons the Chainsaw, Figure Axe, Machete, and Meat Cleaver. One copy of the High Stakes Edition includes a "golden ticket" that is redeemable for a 6-foot-tall zombie replica statue.

    Outbreak Edition

    The Outbreak Edition
    The Outbreak Edition

    Available only in Europe, the Outbreak Edition features a 12" (30cm) highly detailed zombie figurine with interchangeable heads, a "Making Of" DVD, the "Sports Fan Theme Pack" which gives Chuck Greene access to new and unique skills and a unique costume, and also an in-depth guide called "Tape it Or Die!" that will show players how to make a plethora of Zombie destroying weapons. The PS3 version of the Outbreak Edition also includes a unique Dynamic Theme for your console, and the Xbox 360 version comes with the promotional Zombrex:Dead Rising Sun film series.

    Pre-Order Bonuses

    Dead Rising 2 is guilty of the somewhat controversial pre-order bonuses that affect actual gameplay. In the US, two of the big three retailer's bonuses give in-game items and moves.

    Best Buy

    • Increased power for all sports weapons (bats, balls, etc.)
    • While wielding a football, Chuck can do a running stiff-arm move to knock down zombies.
    • Food and drink give Chuck more health. Additionally, drinking too many beers will not make Chuck sick (one could view this as a negative since zombies slipping in Chuck's vomit is hilarious).
    • Gambling will yield additional money when Chuck wins.

    GameStop & Electronics Boutique

    Gamestop Pre Order Bonus
    Gamestop Pre Order Bonus
    • Ninja Theme Pack - Four pieces of Ninja clothing. It features abilities and animations. The abilities work when just one piece is being worn. The animations are only used when all four pieces are worn. The nature of the abilities are not yet known.


    Avatar Servbot Mask
    Avatar Servbot Mask

    Xbox 360 users get items for their Xbox LIVE avatars:

    • Chuck’s motocross jacket
    • Jeans
    • The super slicer - one of the combo weapons made from a servbot head and a toy helicopter. It clearly violates Microsoft's "no weapons on avatars" policy, but so do lightsabers and UAVs .

    PS3 users get a Dead Rising 2 Theme.

    System Requirements

    • OS: Windows Vista®/XP, Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 Ghz or better, AMD Athlon X2 2.2 Ghz or better
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800GTS or better, ATI Radeon™ HD 3850 or better
    • DirectX®: DirectX® 9.0c and DirectX® 10 (Enhanced for: DirectX 10, 64-bit, multi-core)
    • Hard Drive: 8.5 GB free hard drive space
    • Sound: Standard audio device

    Dead Rising 2 uses Microsoft's Games for Windows - LIVE client for multiplayer & achievements.

    Xbox 360 Hard Drive Installation

    Installing Dead Rising 2 on the hard drive takes up 6.2 GB of space.


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