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    Chuck Greene

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    Chuck Greene is a former national motocross champion and the main male character of Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Case Zero. He is the father of Katey Greene and must constantly acquire Zombrex for her.

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    Three years prior to the events of Dead Rising 2, the first zombie outbreak in Las Vegas killed Chuck's wife and left his young daughter Katey infected. The medication used to treat the infection, Zombrex, is expensive and required every 12 hours (later upgraded to 24 hours) to prevent zombification. Three years later and willing to go to any lengths necessary to protect his daughter, Chuck finds himself in Fortune City trying to make money any way he can to pay for the medication, even if it means participating in a violent reality television show "Terror is Reality" that pits its contestants against hundreds of zombies.

    When someone impersonating Chuck is found to be involved in the latest zombie outbreak in Fortune City, the blame falls on the real Chuck as he is left to prove his innocence before the military comes to arrest him in three days, or 72 hours.

    Unlike Dead Rising protagonist Frank West, Chuck is no photographer, or wartime journalist. However, years of repairing his motocross bike means Chuck is quite the handyman. He is able to combine many items to make deadly weapons, such as combining two chainsaws and a paddle to make a " paddlesaw." Throughout the game, Chuck can find "combo cards" to increase the number of weapon combinations he can create.

    The Off The Record ''What If'' Reality

    Crazed Chuck with his ''Katey'' Doll
    Crazed Chuck with his ''Katey'' Doll

    In Dead Rising 2: Off The Record, where the DR2 events play out as if Frank West was the lead character, Chuck Greene makes a cameo as one of the ''Psychopath'' boss battles. It depicts Katey having apparently died, which drove Chuck insane with grief and made him become mentally unstable. He is shown walking around with a doll which he believes to be Katey; when Frank offers to help and grabs the doll's leg to get Chuck's attention, Chuck explodes with rage and attacks Frank on his Slicecycle for what he thought was Frank attempting to harm his ''daughter''. As a boss battle, Chuck fights near exact to Leon Bell from Dead Rising 2, only Chuck will also occasionally throw molotov cocktails at Frank.

    Once beaten, Chuck falls to the ground holding the removed doll head, saying that nothing matters as long as Katey's ok, then proceeds to die. Frank then finds Chuck's keys to a bike repair truck and as he turns his head around, he finds that Chuck has mysteriously disappeared. Though despite his ambiguous fate, Chuck makes no further appearances in the story.


    • "The name's Greene, Chuck Greene"
    • "Daddy, Can fix anything"
    • "I Saw what you did there"
    • "Cute"
    • "Yeah, you're on fire"
    • "That was like porn without the sex"
    • "You gotta be kidding me!"
    • "This feels funny!"

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