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EA Confirms Army of Two Sequel

The 40th Day comes to PSP, 360, and PS3 later this year.

Hey, it's those guys! Those Army of Two guys!
Hey, it's those guys! Those Army of Two guys!
No big surprises here, since the game's name leaked out a couple of days ago. Though I guess the fact that EA Montreal's totally bro'd-up sequel is coming to the PSP wasn't something I expected. Army of Two: The 40th Day will again put players behind the facemasks of Salem and Rios, the two mercenaries who bumped fists and air guitared their way through the orginal Army of Two.

This time, the duo will bop their way through Shangai, China as they try to figure out what, exactly, The 40th Day refers to.

The game will hit North American PSPs, 360s, and PS3s in Q4.
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Posted By Keyser_Soze

Will this game receive the same hate from American reviewers for portraying the US military in "bad light" the same way as the first game did?

A lot of reviewers were offended by its full on message of PMC's good and capable and US military... bad. I know the US is a Nationalist nation but come on, stop with the fucking licking of the military already, especially in videogames, where's the FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!

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Edited By Heartagram

I love jeff's Response to #1. Army of two was not good but neither was killzone 1 maybe this game will be ok?

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Posted By NickL

anyone else feel like this was a REALLY slow news week?

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