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Giant Bomb Co-Operates With Area 5

Brad met up with the former 1UP team to talk Riddick on their Revision 3 show, Co-Op.

Last week I had a chance to join the guys at Area 5, some of our fellows in this covering-games-from-an-indie-perspective thing, to chat about Riddick: Dark Athena on their weekly show Co-Op. If you can't remember all the way back to the heady days of January, Area 5 was formed by some of the guys let go in 1UP's mass layoffs. The group has since been doing pretty well for itself, with Co-Op getting picked up for regular rotation not too long ago on Revision 3.

The Riddick segment starts at about 27 minutes in, but you should watch the whole episode for some iPhone coverage and appearances by other games editors, including Philip Kollar and What They Play's John Davison.


Thanks to the Area 5 guys for having me on!

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