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Giant Bomb's Extra Life 2013 Marathon, All in One Place

Are you a bad enough dude to sit through 49 hours of us being super dumb for charity?

Hey, what were you doing last weekend? Oh, you weren't watching Giant Bomb's 49-hour live stream for the Extra Life charity effort, when we raised over $113,000 (and counting) for the Children's Hospital of Oakland? I wonder if I could take a moment of your time to ask you what it is you have against SICK KIDS.

Oh, just joshin'. If you couldn't make it for the live nonsense, have I got all kinds of good news for you! For one, you can still donate until the end of the year. For another, we've exhaustively archived every last damn minute of our live streams, which ran from 9am Saturday morning to 9am Monday morning. You can head over to a special hub page we made to house all this lunacy and watch it all in one easy place.

And if the idea of watching 49 hours of goofy video somehow isn't immediately appealing to you, watch this promo clip from our friend Hamst3r and get back to me.

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Avatar image for rhombus_of_terror
Edited By Rhombus_Of_Terror

You should do this kind of video hub page thing for PAX and E3 events. It would be much easier to navigate.

Avatar image for larrydavis
Edited By LarryDavis

I will watch all of this except for the Halo and Dota. Giant Bomb Dot Com, fighting the good fight.

Avatar image for godmil
Edited By Godmil

15 hours into brads section. Loving it, but wow this will take some time to get through :)

Avatar image for tourgen
Edited By tourgen

awesome weekend .. unbelievable amount of cash for the kids!

Avatar image for beomoose
Edited By Beomoose

An Extra Life hub page? Thank you, Based Top Men!

Avatar image for darkest4
Edited By darkest4

Some of the best content in the history of Giantbomb. Epic Windjammers finale was epic, they couldn't scripted a better ending. Jeff is a Windjammers god, but only Vinny the Barbarian can topple a god.

Avatar image for justin258
Posted By Justin258

I read that as "porno clip from Hamst3r".

Avatar image for crusader8463
Edited By crusader8463

I wish you guys could work with twitch to figure out why the archives over there are always so damn busted. I was happily watching them when about half way through it crapped the bed and refused to play.

Avatar image for matty44m
Posted By matty44m

Oh I'm looking forward to this!

Avatar image for dan_citi
Posted By Dan_CiTi

Thank you!

Avatar image for jiggajoe14
Posted By jiggajoe14

I watched so much of this over the weekend. Can't wait to see what I missed. Great jobs guys.

Avatar image for parsnip
Posted By Parsnip

I already downloaded everything from twitch archives! You are too late, HAHAHAHA!

Avatar image for itwongo
Posted By Itwongo

proest esports

Avatar image for chango
Posted By chango

Fucking awesome. Can't wait to get to this.

Avatar image for peezmachine
Posted By PeezMachine

Congrats to the gang on creating the best thing on the internet. That shit could seriously end all wars forever.

Avatar image for wolfhazard
Posted By WolfHazard

this is a lot of content I want to consume, please tell me this will be staying up for a while, like a month at least haha.

Avatar image for armaan8014
Posted By armaan8014

I read that as "porno clip from Hamst3r".

Id like that

Avatar image for ripelivejam
Posted By ripelivejam

i can never be brad enough :(

Avatar image for sen0r_awes0me
Posted By Sen0r_Awes0me

Hey now Brad, twas busy Extra Life-ing myself

And as soon as I somehow figure out how to recover a normal lifestyle after that, I can't wait to wreck it again here ^_^

Avatar image for clumsyninja1
Posted By clumsyninja1

Dubstep plus Windjammers. Make it happen EA!

Avatar image for raven10
Edited By Raven10

@pie: It seems your wish was granted or you just didn't realize there were two pages of videos.

Speaking of which, I never finished last year's archive so I guess I should start with that before moving onto this year's.

Avatar image for themanwithnoplan
Posted By TheManWithNoPlan

Slowly going through all of the archives is going to be great. I watched a little bit, but didn't dare to try and sit through it all.

Avatar image for sabata
Edited By Sabata

Who even says "just joshing" any more??

Avatar image for spiralsin
Posted By spiralsin

Nice. I sadly missed all of Brad's marathon and most of the crew's run on day 2. Glad the duders made it available for horrible people like myself.

Avatar image for kholto
Posted By Kholto

I am still hardly getting anywhere with the Octoberkast, and now this?

Avatar image for probablytuna
Posted By probablytuna

10/10 will rewatch again.

Avatar image for retrovirus
Posted By RetroVirus

Windjammers is the future of esports!

Avatar image for bd_mr_bubbles
Posted By BD_Mr_Bubbles

This was great. You guys were great. Video games.

Avatar image for andymp
Posted By AndyMP

Great job with the hub page, this stuff will be good to watch again although probably not all at once :)

Avatar image for wsgexe
Posted By WSGEXE
Avatar image for fattony12000
Posted By Fattony12000

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