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Hey, Guess What? Super Meat Boy Is $10 Until November

Over 300 levels! Do the math!

We’re a mere twelve hours out from the release of Super Meat Boy-- Team Meat’s long-in-development, ridiculous platformer/controller-breaking simulator—and it seems like things couldn’t be going better for the indie team; reviews of the game have been ecstatic, and Brad likes the game so much transported him to some sort of "Platformer Hell" (which is like Bullet Hell, but worse) from which the only escape is an endless series of perfectly timed wall jumps
Yep, it sure looks like Super Meat Boy has tapped into the little masochist inside all of us, and with success. Is there anything else that Team Meat can do to try and convince you to cover levels with meat guts?

How about making the game cheaper before the game comes out?

Team Meat has revealed that Super Meat Boy—originally set to retail on XBLA at $15--has been reduced in price for a limited time only. If you buy Super Meat Boy before November 1, the game will be yours for the low, low price of $10.


== TEASER ==After November 1, however, Super Meat Boy returns to its initially announced $15/1200 Point price, so if you own a 360 and have even the slightest interest in jumping from wall to wall, fighting evil fetuses in robot suits with monocles, or you just Wanna Be The Guy, you would be foolish not to buy the game before its price goes back up.

You won’t lose out on anything buying the game as this reduced price either. All players who purchase Super Meat Boy will still have access to Team Meat’s run of free DLC levels.  As the devs say on their website, Team Meat had initially planned on reducing the price to $10 as a Christmas sale, but because SMB’s (Oh man! I just got that!) release fell so close to December, they decided to bring the Christmas sale early. Consider this sale your early Christmas present.
A Christmas present of Meat.
While you’re waiting for Santa to come down the digital tube with the aforementioned sack of meat, enjoy even more footage of Brad cursing at Super Meat Boy, which is perfect for Christmas since Brad cursing is a gift that keeps on giving.