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Hey, There's A New Shirt In The Store!

Pre-order your Gerstfield shirt now! Also, we have an update on the hockey jersey shipments!

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Hey, good news: there's a new shirt in the store! This Gerstfield tee-shirt is available for pre-order (here's the women's sizes!) for two weeks. When April 13 rolls around, we'll print 'em up and ship 'em out at the end of April! There'll be some more in the store after the pre-orders ship if you miss it!

There's also some bad news! We originally expected to ship the hockey jerseys around the end of March, but it now appears that they will be shipping sometime in mid-April. We're very aware that this might impact your shipment plans, so if you placed an order for a hockey jersey, keep an eye out on the email you placed the order with. Our warehouse partners will be emailing everyone who placed an order; if you need to change your shipping address or otherwise need to make a change of address, our warehouse partners will hook you up. Apologies on the delay; hopefully this won't impact many of you! If you have any issues with your order, please email our warehouse partners at and they'll get back to you shortly. Sorry for the trouble!