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Hitman: Absolution No Longer a Rumor

Agent 47 is back, powered by a brand-new engine from IO Interactive.

I ain't 'fraid of no snakes. Wait, yes I am.
I ain't 'fraid of no snakes. Wait, yes I am.

It's been a surprisingly long time since IO Interactive revisited its beloved Hitman franchise, which the studio last touched with Hitman: Blood Money in 2006. Rumors of another Hitman are no longer rumors, however, with IO Interactive and Square Enix confirming Hitman: Absolution is coming.

The announcement release says Hitman: Absolution's up-and-running on IO Interactive's new Glacier 2 engine tech and will be both "familiar and yet significantly different from other Hitman games."

What little else we know involves some story bits, with Agent 47 at the center of a "dark conspiracy" and the path to, er, absolution requires a "personal journey through a corrupt and twisted world."

In other words, we don't know very much at all.

I haven't played Hitman but friends rave about it. I'm looking forward to seeing what the fuss is about.

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