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    Hitman: Absolution

    Game » consists of 11 releases. Released Nov 20, 2012

    Agent 47 returns after a six-year hiatus to embark on a mission of redemption for the only person he could ever trust.

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    Diana Burnwood moments before 47 fulfills his first contract in Absolution.
    Diana Burnwood moments before 47 fulfills his first contract in Absolution.

    Hitman: Absolution is the fifth game in the Hitman series and was developed by IO Interactive and Nixxes Software. The game was published by Square Enix and Eidos, and released on November 20, 2012 for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Absolution features a more personal story about Agent 47, who has been betrayed and must uncover a conspiracy. 47's ultimate mission is to assassinate Diana Burnwood, his former employer and friend who provided him his missions in the previous games.

    The game centers around Agent 47 assassinating targets. As in previous games, 47 can use the environment to his advantage. He can choke an enemy with a power cable, for example, or knock them out with a statuette. Also, 47 can disguise himself and the game world reacts to what disguise you are wearing. For instance, by wearing a police uniform and passing through a street full of drug addicts, 47 will cause all of the NPCs to react by fleeing in fear; many other reactions may occur, depending on the situation. However, once you enter the police station, a single wrong move or a prolonged exposure to the surrounding police NPCs will blow your disguise. This can either happen gradually, or suddenly, depending on the situation and surrounding NPCs.

    All these actions build up the "Instinct" meter. This gives 47 an advantage; as his Instinct tells him where enemies are, the best routes to take, where enemies routinely patrol, and even highlights important objects in the world.

    Absolution was made from the ground up using IO Interactive's new Glacier 2.0 engine.

    Hitman: Absolution marks the first game in the series to not feature Jesper Kyd as the game's composer. IO Interactive producer Hakan Abrak said in an interview that Kyd was unable to work on Absolution due to his involvement with Assassin's Creed games and that the original soundtrack will be composed by Peter Peter and Peter Kyed.


    Missions start with pre-determined weapons; the player cannot choose what weapon to start a mission with.

    47 uses both non-lethal and lethal take-downs to accomplish his objectives. The player can approach an enemy from behind and choose to subdue them instead of snapping their neck. Using guns and knives will result in killing the enemy, while some thrown weapons will just annoy or distract a target. There are also non-lethal and lethal take-downs involving special tools or opportunities in the environment. When a warning triangle (yellow with an exclamation mark) is displayed with the button to perform an action, it is an indicator that your action is going to be taken as suspicious or hostile by any witnesses. Certain areas will be restricted to people dressed a certain way, and others will just be off-limits entirely. When the player has entered a restricted area you will see a "Trespassing" message on the HUD with the warning triangle.

    Agent 47
    Agent 47

    The disguises system is back from the previous games, but has one major modification. Agent 47 can take the clothes from most killed or incapacitated enemies and leave his current clothes there. While in a disguise, anyone in similar clothing will become suspicious of 47 if he is in their line-of-sight. Crowds can be used to break a line-of-sight. The closer 47 gets, the easier and sooner they will spot him, and once spotted, they will attempt to apprehend him. At that point, the player can either fight or flee, but if the player flees they will become openly hostile until he changes into another disguise. If the player decides to fight them they must kill everyone that was involved in spotting them in order to no longer be suspicious.

    Agent 47 can use the new Instinct system to get the advantage over his enemies. Instinct will naturally regenerate on the easier difficulties and will be replenished by certain player actions. Instinct can be used to highlight enemies, their patrol routes, and objects of interest throughout the world. While using instinct, people that have the same disguise are highlighted yellow, enemies and targets are highlighted red, and points/objects of interested are marked by three concentric circles. Patrol routes of NPCs are marked by a line of small flames on the ground, also any crowd that you are currently using to break line-of-sight will be highlighted in blue. It can also be used to delay discovery by NPCs that are in the same group of your current disguise, this drains instinct very quickly.

    Player performance on mission sections is represented by a score. Various actions throughout the section will increase or decrease the score. For example, the player will get a heavy score penalty for killing a non-target civilian. Pacifying a non-target NPC will also decrease the player's score, but they can earn it back if the body is hidden. Going completely undetected and only killing the target will give the player a "Silent Assassin Bonus" and the highest possible score. The average score for the player's respective country and the world is displayed prior to starting an area.

    Difficulty Modes

    Hitman Absolution features five difficulty modes of varying difficulties and features.

    Enhanced: EasyEnhanced: MediumProfessional: HardProfessional: ExpertProfessional: Purist
    Supreme training and a physique enhance beyond ordinary human capacity mean your enemies are no match for you. By cunning or by brute force you are unstoppableYou can rely on 47's superior training and instinct. Remaining completely unnoticed can be a challenge, but you can always rely on your guns to get you out of trouble.You like a challenge and your enemies will provide you with just that. They are more numerous and with faster reactions. Evading your enemies will be difficult and you must strike with flawless timing.You fight for every inch of progress, often without firing a single bullet. You don't rely on any help and accept trying many times before reaching your target...and perfection.This is a challenge for the true perfectionist. You know every rule, every detail, and all environments by heart. Even then you will die trying.
    • Players can activate additional checkpoints
    • Players can activate additional checkpoints
    • Players can activate additional checkpoints
    • No player-activated checkpoints
    • No help
    • Instinct regenerates
    • Instinct does not regenerate
    • Instinct depletes when used and does not regenerate
    • Instinct depletes when used and does not regenerate
    • No guides
    • Instinct will provide hints
    • Instinct will provide hints
    • No instinct hints
    • No instinct hints
    • No interface
    • Enemies react more slowly than normal
    • Normal enemy presence with normal reaction times
    • Additional enemies with improved reaction time
    • Maximum number of enemies with fastest reaction
    • Only a crosshair

    Contracts Mode

    Contracts is a separate, meta-multiplayer like, mode from the story which is based on developer and player generated "contracts" that assign a bounty to the assassination of certain non-standard targets throughout levels.

    A player can create a contract by playing through any level present in the normal game and may choose up to three NPC's to become the new targets. The creator of the contract must play through the contract in order to set certain rules for the contract. Such as which disguise to use, which weapon to use, to even never being seen. Other players who take up the contract get a greater score for imitating the method in which the targets are killed, disguise included, and then for speed of completion.


    Agent 47

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    The greatest assassin in the world. Unlike previous games where 47 mostly assassinated targets purely for money, in Absolution he takes on the role of protector. After killing Diana he takes an agency asset Victoria to a safe place and looks after her. Once she is taken he begins tracking her captors and taking them, as well as anyone who stands in his way, out.

    47 displays more emotion in Absolution, in particular to Diana and Victoria, although he still assassinates his targets without pity or remorse.

    Diana Burnwood

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    Diana Burnwood, 47's former handler that occupies a high level role within ICA. In the events preceding Absolution, according to Benjamin Travis, she betrayed the Agency by rescuing Victoria, taking Agency funds and destroying sensitive research materials. In truth she found some incriminating documents on The Agency, and the higher ups deemed her a threat. Which is why 47, under orders from his new handler, Benjamin Travis, was sent to eliminate Diana. As he does she asks him to take care of Victoria.


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    Victoria is a high value Agency asset, she was rescued by Diana, and once she was killed by 47 he took care of her. Unfortunately, Blake Dexter has an eye on her and wishes to kidnap her and ransom her off to the Agency. He eventually manages to kidnap her with the help of Lenny, his son and Wade, a partner. 47 finally rescues her from Blake Dexter after killing him. Through out the events of Absolution it is revealed that Victoria is a genetically modified 14 year old girl, who was supposed to be the next generation of assassins, perhaps even better than Hitman himself. For years Agency doctors and scientists preformed painful experiments and tests on her. And she was described as "more than perfect" by a scientist employee of Dexter Industries.

    Blake Dexter

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    The head of Dexter Industries and along with Travis, the primary antagonist of Hitman Absolution. Blake is a businessman from Hope, South Dakota. He desires to kidnap Victoria and ransom her off to the Agency. He eventually manages to do so, but in doing so he makes an enemy in Agent 47. Blake owns Hope so to speak, due to his vast amount of wealth and large company that employs half of the town. This allows him to get away with many illegal activities.

    • Voiced by Keith Carradine.

    Benjamin Travis

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    A high level ICA employee, 47's new handler. Benjamin Travis is the one who offered 47 the contract on Diana, due to her rescuing Victoria which he views as theft and betrayal. Once he discovers that Hitman has gone AWOL he begins hunting for both him and Victoria. He uses large amounts of ICA resources to try and eliminate 47 as well as reacquire Victoria. These attempts include offering 47 the contract on Diana, sending The Saints after Hitman, taking over the town of Hope in hopes of finding Victoria and Hitman, paying Blake Dexter 10.000.000 dollars ransom for Victoria and going to England to find the grave of Diana Burnwood.


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    Birdie is an ex ICA employee. He now deals primarily in information. In Absolution he helps 47 by finding information regarding Victoria and ICA. He finds that a man named Blake Dexter is interested in her and points 47 in his direction. For his services he asked for 47's tools (his silverballers) as well as an assassination of his rival. Eventually, Wade who is employed by Dexter comes looking for Birdie seeking information on 47 and Victoria. At this point Birdie chooses to betray 47 and reveal Victoria's location in exchange for his own life. After this event Birdie tries to play all sides against each other, informing the Agency and Chicago PD that he has information on 47, and informing 47 that he knows something about Blake Dexter.


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    Wade is an acquaintance of Blake Dexter. He works as a freelance mercenary offering his services to anyone for the right price. In Absolution he is hired by Blake to find Victoria's whereabouts. His first stop in Chicago is Birdie, from whom he finds that Victoria is in the Rosewood orphanage. There he orders his men to shoot everyone on site (mostly nuns and some security guards). He manages to find Victoria but is eventually killed by 47.


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    Lenny Dexter is the son of Blake Dexter. He has a rather severe limp and isn't much suited for the lifestyle he chose. He is cowardly, and isn't suited to the life of a criminal as shown when he accidentally shoots a nun due to Wade harassing him. He does however kidnap Victoria and brings her back to his father. After which he takes all the credit for doing so. He is also the leader of a group of delinquents known as Hope Cougars. Lenny is eventually kidnapped by 47 and is brought to a desert where he presumably dies, either by 47's hand or the fact that he is left in the middle of a desert by 47.


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    Sanchez is Blake Dexter's personal bodyguard. He was experimented on in the laboratories of Dexter Industries at a young age. These experiments resulted in his unusual size. Apart from working for Blake he also often fights in an illegal arena, where he is always a crowd favorite.

    Sheriff Skurky

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    The sheriff of Hope, South Dakota. Skurky has perverse sexual tastes as seen in the fact that he uses a part of his jail for BDSM practices. He does the bidding of Blake Dexter who got him into office in the first place. Once Lenny kidnaps Victoria she is taken first to Dexter Industries then to Skurky's jail. Skurky eventually manages to capture 47, but not for long. As 47 manages to free himself, Skurky finds that Benjamin Travis has taken over the town with the help of ICA personnel. He is shot in the leg by an ICA employee and is hunted and killed by 47.

    Cosmo Faulkner

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    Detective Cosmo Faulkner was in pursuit of 47 when Blake Dexter set fire to his room in Terminus Hotel. The Detective was also leading the investigation on the suspect only known as "The Hitman", and he showed some frustration due to the fact that 20 people saw 47 but all of them could only describe him as "a bald guy with a tattoo on his head". Cosmo was contacted by Birdie who has information on 47.


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    Jade is Benjamin's personal assistant and employee of the Agency. She has been with him since the experimentation on Victoria, which was conducted without the knowledge of ICA higher ups. Jade also acts as an adviser to Travis. Jade is very ambitious and rational, she refuses to "go down" with Travis as they search for Diana Burnwood's grave site as the ICA heads learning of Travis' activities is very likely.


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    Layla is Blake Dexter's personal assistant, it's also possible that she has a romantic relationship with Blake. She is present with Blake on most occasions. When 47 goes after Blake Dexter at Blackwater Park, she stays back in order to stop 47. Once Blake hears of her death he becomes very angry and is getting ready to kill Victoria as payback.


    47's first target, Diana Burnwood
    47's first target, Diana Burnwood

    At the beginning of Hitman Absolution Agent 47 is tasked with killing Diana Burnwood by his new handler and head of an ICA (International Contract Agency, or simply The Agency) department, Benjamin Travis. While on his way to Diana's residence somewhere in Chicago, 47 speaks with Travis who says that it's never easy going after their own, but that Diana betrayed The Agency and that she has to be punished. 47 has some unvoiced concerns about killing Diana, but reassures himself by thinking that it's a job like any other. Once at Diana's mansion 47 encounters a private security force, having passed them he finds Diana taking a shower on the second floor. She notices him after which 47 fires a round, fatally wounding her. As Diana lays down dying, 47 approaches her and Diana asks him to take and protect a teenaged girl, Victoria, whom she rescued from the Agency. 47 does so, and once he leaves the mansion with Victoria he angrily asks her why Diana rescued her, at which point Victoria tells him about "the Doctors", who experimented on her in hopes of creating an even better assassin than 47. Hitman takes her to an orphanage in Chicago, where a nun he knows takes Victoria in, he then leaves to a nearby hotel that overlooks the orphanage and takes a small room there. After that 47 leaves to meet with an old contact - Birdie.

    Birdie, 47's contact
    Birdie, 47's contact

    Birdie used to work for the Agency, but now he deals in weapons and more notably, information. Although wealthy, he operates out of an old school bus that is filled with his pet pigeons. There 47 asks him about information concerning Victoria and the Agency, Birdie agrees to find the information provided that 47 takes out his rival - "The King of Chinatown". Hitman having no other option accepts and once he takes care of the target he returns to his room at the hotel overlooking the orphanage. There he slices off his bar code and receives a phone call from Birdie where he tells 47 "Terminus Hotel. Room 899.". Once Agent 47 is in front of Terminus Birdie calls again, and says that his investigation came up with results in the form of a name - Dexter Blake, the head of a defense system company, Dexter Industries. Hitman sneaks to the 8th floor and enters room 899 via air duct. While crawling through the air duct 47 overhears a conversation between Blake and Layla Stockton his secretary and personal assistant. They speak about Dexter's plan of kidnapping Victoria and ransoming her back to the Agency. After this point 47 sneaks into the room and begins strangling Sanchez, Blake's personal bodyguard who underwent experimentation in Blake's labs that resulted in his gigantism. Unfortunately Sanchez manages to overpower 47 and throws him in the next room, right in front of Dexter's feet.

    Blake Dexter meet Agent 47
    Blake Dexter meet Agent 47

    Dexter is at first angry and puzzled, but soon realizes that not just any ICA assassin lays in front him, but Agent 47 himself. Blake becomes ecstatic and speaks to the unconscious 47, telling him that he would love nothing more than to kill a legend, but that he doesn't need that kind of attention. House keeping arrives at this point and Blake invites her, only to slit her throat. He frames 47 for the murder and then sets fire to the apartment and the hotel. Once 47 regains consciousnesses he is then forced to flee the police. After he evades them 47 receives another phone call from Birdie, wherein 47 is told about Dom Osmond, a close friend and informant to Dexter Blake. If 47 plans to stop Blake, he'll have to take out Osmond out of the picture first. He eventually does so, and yet again he receives a phone call from Birdie who informs him that Blake has hired a man called Wade and that Wade is coming after him.

    Hitman hurries to reach Birdie, while dispatching Wade's goons in Chinatown. Once 47 reaches Birdie's buss he fails to find him and asks a homeless man if he saw Birdie. The homeless man says he saw him leaving with a cowboy and says that he thinks they went downtown. Hitman boards Birdie's buss and heads for the orphanage, at this point it is revealed that Birdie choose to betray 47 to Wade and reveals Victoria's location to save his own life. 47 arrives at the orphanage to find that Victoria is sick and that the doctors can't find out what's wrong. He then takes the necklace Victoria wears and attaches it to her neck after which she regains her strength, then gunshots are heard as Wade's goons begin to kill everyone in the orphanage. 47 plans to take Victoria to the basement, which is the safest area in the orphanage. Before he can do so however, he needs to find the fuses to activate the elevator. As he does Victoria is found by Wade and he takes her, 47 then rushes to rescue her. In the meantime Wade takes Victoria to the central heating part of the orphanage, there he begins to belittle Lenny - Dexter's son, who had come with Wade at Dexter's request. Lenny becomes enraged and puts on a show by pointing a gun at a nun's head, unfortunately he accidentally fires and kills the nun. By this time 47 had reached central heating and eventually makes his way towards Wade and kills him. As he gets ready to land the fatal shot Lenny takes Victoria hostage and moves towards the exit while holding a grenade in one hand and Victoria in the other. 47 watches powerless as they leave, and then turns to Wade to find out where he comes from in hopes of finding Lenny and Blake Dexter. He finds a matchbox from the "Great Balls of Fire" bar in Hope, South Dakota. As Wade dies he utters his last words "I've got wood man, why do I have wood?" 47 then leaves the orphanage, and takes Wade's car to Hope. Once there he stops at the Great Balls of Fire and asks the bartender for Lenny's location, he responds that Lenny can be found at the barbershop every day at 12 o'clock sharp.

    Hope, South Dakota
    Hope, South Dakota

    Hitman makes his way to the barbershop, only to find that Lenny arrived with his entourage, the "Hope Cougars". A group of delinquents that are given power by the fact that Lenny's father owns Hope. The Cougars plan on betraying Lenny and Blake by taking Victoria and selling her to a rival arms company themselves. Hitman decides that he has to kill them because they know too much. After he's done with the Cougars 47 kidnaps Lenny and takes him to a desert, where he forces Lenny to dig his own grave. Lenny begs and pleads for his life, eventually pissing himself, then he reveals Victoria's location - Dexter Industries. 47 then tells him to stop digging and start walking. The player then has the choice of killing Lenny with a wide variety of weapons and tools, or sparing him by driving away.

    47's next stop is Dexter Industries. From working his way to the huge building, to the secret laboratories and research and development facilities. There 47 needs to eliminate the scientists and doctors who preformed tests on Victoria as well as destroy their research. Once that is done 47 makes his way towards a long publicized and talked about illegal fight featuring Sanchez, Blake's bodyguard and a wrestler named The Patriot. 47 finds out where Victoria is being held before killing Sanchez, 47 is told that Victoria is being held in the county jail by Sheriff Skurky, who is in Dexter's pocket. But before 47 goes there he stops at the Waikiki Motel, a Hawaiian themed motel to recuperate from his fight with Sanchez, there 47 is attacked by Travis's pet hit squad "The Saints".

    47 leaving Hope
    47 leaving Hope

    After he deals with them 47 makes his way to the Hope courthouse in hopes of gaining access to the prison and finding Victoria. Before he can rescue her he is subdued by Sheriff Skurky who activates an electric switch thus electrocuting 47. Hitman wakes up and is confronted by Blake Dexter who wants to know where his son is. Skurky assures Blake that he'll get it out of 47. Before Skurky could do so 47 manages to escape the prison, only to find that Travis has taken over the town with the help of a large amount of ICA personnel. He then has to evade the ICA soldiers while hunting for Skurky who has been shot in the leg. 47 eventually finds him in a church, Skurky finding himself surrounded takes a priest as a human shield, but is shot by 47 nonetheless. Before killing him 47 tortures him by applying pressure to the wound, and finds out that Victoria is being taken to Blackwater Park where an exchange was set by Blake and Travis.

    47 arrives to Blackwater Park, where the transaction is underway. Travis hoped to double cross Blake, Blake seeing this shoots the person with the bag on her head, presumably Victoria. Travis is shocked and outraged and Blake takes off the bag to show that it was someone other than Victoria all along. This forces Travis to give Blake the 10 million dollars in hopes of Blake turning Victoria over. As Blake makes his way to his penthouse apartment with the money he is warned that 47 is on his way. Blake panics and his assistant Layla reassures him that she can handle the assassin, 47 proves her wrong and moves towards Blake's position. Blake is by this point desperate, and orders his security personnel to lay explosives on the roof while he waits for his helicopter. As he is about to escape he learns that 47 killed Layla, enraged he prepares to kill Victoria and as he is about to do so 47 kills him and rescues Victoria.

    Travis dying at the hands of 47
    Travis dying at the hands of 47

    Several months later Hitman is visiting a cemetery, where Travis, his assistant Jade and a huge number of ICA personnel are trying to establish whether or not 47 actually killed Diana Burnwood by finding her grave. Agent 47 proceeds to kill Jade and then moves on to Travis. Benjamin Travis has taken his elite bodyguards "The Praetorians" to a nearby hill which is heavily defended both by his bodyguards and invisible lasers which will detonate explosives if 47 passes through them. Once 47 has dealt with the bodyguards he plants explosives on the door of the church where Travis is holed up. Before he dies Travis asks if 47 killed Diana, to which 47 responds "You will never know" and fires a fatal shot at Travis's head.

    The end of the game reveals that 47 didn't kill Diana, he looks at her and Victoria through a scope. Victoria is shown holding her necklace in doubt, and asks Diana if she can throw it away, to which Diana says do what you have to do. Diana then contacts 47 "Well done, the money has been wired to your account. Welcome back 47, and thank you." At the same time detective Cosmo Faulkner, the detective who was leading the chase for Agent 47, is giving all his attention to catching the bald killer clone. The game ends with the detective meeting Birdie, hinting that 47 will have to deal with them in a DLC.


    There are a total of 20 missions in Hitman Absolution. They vary in size, length and difficulty. Unlike previous Hitman games, missions in Absolution are divided into several section. The player is unable to pick weapons before a mission, although weapons from previous sections are carried over to new ones. Due to the change in the saving system, missions will have checkpoints scattered through out them, unless the purist difficulty is chosen.

    Almost all missions, apart from 2, have challenges. There are 6 challenges that can be completed in every mission:

    • Infiltrator - Complete the mission unseen.
    • Chameleon - Taking the specified disguise(s).
    • Suit only - Completing the mission without taking a disguise.
    • Evidence Collector - Collecting every piece of evidence, generally one evidence piece per section.
    • Completing the mission.
    • Completing all challenges in a mission.

    Each mission also has a secret challenge (or several of them) associated with it.

    A Personal Contract

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    "According to ICA division chief Benjamin Travis, my former handler Diana Burnwood has gone rogue, taking with her a valuable agency asset; a girl named Victoria. My objective: eliminate Diana and retrieve the girl. Personal note: Diana saved my life. Although the grounds for termination are just, I take no pride in this assignment. She is my target. I must not get personally involved."

    • Sections: Gardens, Greenhouse, Clifside, Mansion Ground Floor, Mansion 2nd Floor.

    The first mission of Hitman Absolution. It's a tutorial mission, for the first half anyway. In it 47 must eliminate Diana Burnwood and take Victoria. The enemies of the mission are part of a private security force, presumably hired by Diana. They will often comment on either Diana or Victoria, one of the guards even going so far to mention the ICA and how he thought it was just a legend.

    Disguises found in the mission: Gardner, Mansion Exterior Guard, Mansion Interior Guard, Chef.

    The King of Chinatown

    No Caption Provided

    "Birdie. Once the Agency's top intelligence man. In order to protect the girl, I need him as my eyes and ears. But his services won't come cheap. This man is a merchant. Quid pro quo. Everything comes with a price. To recruit him, I must first take out his business rival. Official contract or not, this 'King of Chinatown' has to die."

    • Sections: Chinatown Square.

    The first truly "open world" mission of the game. In it 47 must eliminate a criminal, and Birdie's rival, a man known as the King of Chinatown. There are several ways of doing this, and several challenges associated with eliminating him. One way to do it is to poison him with the fugu fish, by either poisoning his coffee, the drugs the dealer will bring him or some sushi the king goes to eat. He can also be assassinated from the second story window, the one where the drug dealer usually stands, by taking a Kazo TRG located in the same room. Other ways of killing The King is by pushing him down a sewer opening or dropping a load of crates on him as he takes a piss. One can also plant explosives near his car, activate the car alarm and detonate the explosives. Enemies in the mission are mostly corrupt cops who are in The Kings pocket.

    Disguises found in the mission: Chicago Police Officer, Chicago SWAT Officer, Dealer, Market Vendor.


    No Caption Provided

    "Birdie's intel is never wrong. A midwestern arms manufacturer named Blake Dexter is in Chicago searching for Victoria. The Agency would never share their secrets with outsiders; someone else must have leaked the information. But who? I can't trust anyone. All I know is that the girl is innocent. She doesn't deserve this. I will infiltrate Blake Dexter's suite at the Terminus Hotel and learn the truth for myself. Then I shall decide on his fate."

    • Sections: Terminus Hotel, Upper Floors.

    Terminus is a large level, made up of two sections. The objective of the mission is infiltrating the Terminus Hotel, accessing the 8th floor and then finding Blake Dexter's suite. Enemies are entirely made up of Blake Dexter's goons who have completely taken over the Hotel.

    Disguises found in the mission: Electrician, Hope Goon, Janitor.

    Run for Your Life

    No Caption Provided

    "As a rule, I am transparent. Inconspicuous. Blending in with the shadows is how I operate. People don't see. Not unless you draw their attention. When they discover the maid's body, how long before someone remembers? A man. A suit. A face? I have been reckless. I underestimated the arms dealer and now I'm paying the price. I must get out...reach street level, keep a low profile, escape in the crowd. The police are closing in..."

    • Sections: Burning Hotel, The Library, Pigeon Coop, Shangri-La, Train Station.

    47 must escape after he gets knocked out by Sanchez and framed for murder by Blake Dexter. This mission is pretty linear, and straight forward. Evade the police who are hunting you. The first section consists of navigating your way through a commune of cop-loathing hippies. One manner of passage is by ducking through an indoor field of weed plants in order to evade the police, who are currently amid a massive drug bust. There are 2 interesting ways to bypass the cops guarding the elevator near the end of the Shangri-La section. Either turn on some music and wait to see their moves or open up a safe filled with money and draw the attention of one of them to it.

    Disguises found in the mission: Chicago Police Officer, Chicago SWAT Officer.

    Hunter and Hunted

    No Caption Provided

    "Time to regain focus. According to Birdie, strip club owner Don Osmon is Blake Dexter's informant. He put the arms dealer on Victoria's trail. I will remove him from the equation before he causes any more damage. Personal note: Birdie did not give me this information out of the goodness of his heart. He stands much to gain by Osmond's death. This is a fragile alliance. I have to tread carefully."

    • Sections: Courtyard, The Vixen Club, Dressing Rooms, Derelict Building, Convenience Store, Loading Area, Chinese New Year.

    47 starts mission being hunted by police, until he reaches The Vixen Club. There 47 will have to eliminate Dom Osmond. This can easily be achieved, and there are several ways of doing it silently. Killing him while he's in the bathroom, when he receives a private show and the girl leaves or when he comes to the dance floor with the malfunctioning disco ball and dropping it on him. After Osmond is dead 47 must find files on Victoria in Osmond's office, as he searches it he finds a recorded call from Wade, who tells Osmond that he's searching for Birdie. 47 must then reach Birdie and before he does, he must eliminate 3 of Wade's goons in the Chinese New Year section.

    Disguises found in the mission: Chicago Police Officer, Chipmunk, Store Clerk, Strip Club Bouncer.


    No Caption Provided

    "Birdie has sold out Victoria to save his own life. Part of me understands. This was never his fight. I shall deal with him later. For now, all that matters is the girl. I must get to her before Wade and take her somewhere safe. Nobody will stand in my way."

    • Sections: Victoria's Ward, Orphanage Halls, Central Heating.

    As 47 arrives to take Victoria to safety Wade and a large number of his goons come and start killing everyone in the orphanage in search for Victoria, mostly nuns as well as a few security guards. Luckily the kids were out on a field trip. 47 brings Victoria to an elevator in hopes of bringing her to the basement. Unfortunately the power is out and you'll have to find 4 fuses. Once that is done, Wade will find Victoria and bring her to the central heating section. Once there you'll have to fight or sneak your way past several henchmen before reaching Wade. Once you do you'll have to options of eliminating him. Either turn a valve and sneak through some air ducts, then turn a valve on the other side. This will release steam that will badly hurt Wade. Or you can simply go straight through and kill all of them by a forced point shooting sequence. After Wade's dead, 47 takes a matchbook from the Great Balls of Fire bar in Hope, South Dakota. This will serve as a starting clue in the hunt for Lenny, who has taken Victoria.

    Disguises found in the mission: Rosewood Security Guard, Henchman.

    Welcome to Hope

    No Caption Provided

    "The matchbox in Wade's pocket has led me to The Great Balls of Fire, a rowdy roadside bar on the outskirts of Hope, South Dakota. If I find Lenny, I find Victoria. I made a promise; to the girl and to a dying friend. So far I have let them both down. I will make this right. Lenny. Dexter. Travis. They are all going to pay."

    Sections: Great Balls of Fire.

    A very short, and straightforward mission. Get to the bartender who is at the opposite end from the beginning and shake some information about Lenny out of him. 47 won't be allowed past the first area, so you can either sneak past security and cops or start a bar fight. Also, as you enter the level you might notice one of the protagonists from that other IO Interactive video game.

    Disguises found in the mission: Hope Bouncer, Hope Police Officer, Truck Driver.

    Birdie's Gift

    No Caption Provided

    "Birdie. He took my Silverballers as payment for his services. Now, he is giving them back. For some reason, he is reaching out. Can I trust him? Or has his allegiance shifted towards more lucrative business partners? No matter. Before I go after Lenny, I will reclaim my weapons. I have been adrift for too long."

    Sections: Gun Shop.

    47's only objective in this mission is acquiring his silverballers. This will prove more difficult than simply taking them, as the owner of the gun shop has the silverballers under lock. There are 2 ways of getting the guns, either beat the gun shop owner's daughter in a shooting competition or steal the silverballers. To win in the competition one must use a sniper rifle that can be found beyond the shooting range, near the end of the field. To steal the silverballers you must first acquire the key from the gun shop owner.

    This mission has a wide variety of firearms, the player can take any of them and try them out in the shooting range, there is also a stall where the player may take from an infinite supply of ammunition.

    The enemies in this mission consist of Hope policemen and gun shop security.

    Disguises found in the mission: Hope Police Officer.

    Shaving Lenny

    No Caption Provided

    "Lenny Dexter. Outcast. Black sheep. He took the girl to earn his father's admiration. Of all my enemies, he is the weakest link. Making him talk will not be a problem. But first I need to deal with his "Cougars." If I grab Lenny, they will surely try to interfere. Besides...they already know too much."

    Sections: Streets of Hope, Barbershop.

    47 arrives to find Lenny with the help of the information given by the bartender in Great Balls of Fire. Unfortunately Lenny is accompanied by his group, the Hope Cougars. 47 will have to take them all out and kidnap Lenny at the end of the mission. There are several ways of killing the cougars. By sabotaging the gas oven on the second floor of the donuts shop and then firing a round through the window when a cougar is present. There are also 5 sets of remote explosives found there. You may also sabotage the gas pumps and fire a round in the spilled gasoline. One Cougar will move through the junkyard area, there you may sabotage a fence with electricity. Yet another way is to wait until a Cougar is in the garage area in the back, and dropping a car on him when he stands underneath. Once the first 3 members of the cougars are dead 47 moves to the Barbershop section. There 2 more cougars await assassination as well as Lenny who must be subdued and dragged to the exit once his friends are dead.

    Disguises found in the mission: Barber, Hope Plumber, Hope Police Officer, Mechanic.

    End of the Road

    "Lenny has disclosed Victoria's position. I should deal with him once and for all. Yet there is little honor in preying on the weak. Whatever his fate should be, I need to decide now. The clock is ticking."

    Sections: The Desert

    End of the Road is the second smallest and shortest missions in the game. It consists of a very small circular area where the player will have to decide whether or not to kill Lenny, and with which weapons. 47 instructs Lenny to dig a grave, Lenny will beg for his life as he digs and eventually he will tell 47 Victoria's location. After that 47 tells him to start walking. At this point it's up to you whether or not to kill him. You may simply get in to your car and drive away, or you can kill Lenny with several weapons.

    • Aeries Charging Ram - Revolver found in the trunk of the car.
    • Ilyon R700 - Sniper rifle, also found in the trunk.
    • M590 12ga - Shotgun, found next to the car.
    • Silverballers - 47 starts the mission with these.
    • STG 58 - Assault Rifle, in the trunk.
    • Swiss Derringer - Carried by Lenny.

    There is also a number of melee weapons scattered through out the mission: Bong, Dog's Bone, Fiber Wire, Fire Poker, Tomahawk, Wrench.

    There are no disguises in this mission.

    Dexter Industries

    No Caption Provided

    "Dexter Industries. They probably employ half of Hope. This town is bought and paid for, and Blake Dexter was only too happy to write the check. Somewhere inside this factory, Victoria is being kept against her will. I need to move fast."

    Sections: Dead End, Old Mill, Descent, Factory Compound.

    A pretty big and straightforward mission. Gain access to Dexter Industries by either sneaking or shooting your way through.

    Disguises found in the mission: Arms Dealer, Chipmunk, Factory Guard, Truck Driver.

    Death Factory

    No Caption Provided

    "I am getting closer. This is the black heart of Dexter Industries. Part of me dreads what I might find down here. Human experiments...children as weapons? This is all too close for comfort. All the more reason to pull the plug. I will find Victoria and destroy all data that Dexter's researchers might have uncovered. This ends here."

    Sections: Test Facility, Decontamination, R&D.

    47 has reached the black heart of Dexter Industries. In the first section you'll have to assassinate Marcus Green, an explosives developer who has an unhealthy hatred and fear towards pigs. Then you'll have to sneak through Decontamination and reach Research and Development where there are 2 more targets. Raymond Valentine and Warren Ashford. Raymond Valentine is obsessed with guns and curing his baldness. You can sabotage the big electrical guns or add another ingredient to his baldness solution. After both targets are dead 47 must proceed to the are where the experimentation on Victoria took place. Once there destroy the research date and move to the next mission.

    Disguises found in the mission: Factory Guard, Researcher, Scientist.

    Fight Night

    No Caption Provided

    "Sanchez. Another victim of Dr. Ashford. Dexter ordered him to remove Victoria from the factory, just as I was getting close. Right now, he is my best chance of finding her. I underestimated the Mexican once. It will not happen again."

    Sections: Patriot's Hanger, The Arena.

    Simply put, you must eliminate Sanchez. There are 4 ways of doing this. Get Patriot's disguise on and fight Sanchez in the ring. Get a sniper rifle which can be found in one of the cache room guarded by the guards. Then move to a specially designated location at the end of the walkway, that is perfect for taking the shot. Drop the lighting equipment on Sanchez's head. Or simply throw some remote explosives into the ring. After that's done simply walk out of the building.

    Disguises found in the mission: Factory Guard, Patriot's Entourage, The Patriot.

    Attack of the Saints

    No Caption Provided

    "The saints. One of Travis' pet projects. Elite female assassins specializing in large scale cover operations. Working in pairs, they strike hard and fast, leaving no witnesses and no bodies. Their presence here tells me only one thing: Travis is getting desperate."

    Sections: Parking Lot, Reception, Cornfield.

    A rather big and difficult mission. It has 3 sections. In the first two you'll have two targets each, in the last section three targets. In the cornfield section you can use the vast cornfields to hide from the view of agency personnel.

    Disguises found in the mission: Agency Soldier, Scarecrow.

    Skurky's Law

    No Caption Provided

    "Sheriff Skurky. Blake Dexter probably put him in office in exchange for his loyalty. Dexter Industries. The Cougars. The police. Hope is a town under siege. Someone ought to clean the place up. But I am not that man. The girl is my only responsibility. Skurky holds her somewhere inside the courthouse. Probably the basement prison cells. I need to get inside."

    Sections: Courthouse, Holding Cells, Prison.

    As mentioned Victoria is being held somewhere inside the courthouse. The easiest way of moving past the courthouse section would be turning off the TV that's playing the recorded image of the defendant who broke all those gnomes. Turning off the TV can either be done from the balcony of the court room, or from the judges quarters. Once this is done the judge will call for recess. In this window lasting 5 minutes, you can either sneak your way to the holding cells. Or subdue/kill the judge in his quarters and take his clothes. Once in the holding cells you need to simply move past the guards to the end of the prison section.

    Disguises found in the mission: Court Security Guard, Court Usher, Hope Police Officer, Judge, Tin Foil Hat Man.

    Operation Sledgehammer

    No Caption Provided

    "Victoria. I came so close. I need to escape, find Skurky and force him to disclose Blake Dexter's Location. The sheriff just signed his own death warrant."

    Sections: County Jail, Outgunned, Burn, Hope Fair.

    A pretty straightforward mission, after getting captured by Skurky, 47 will have to escape. Only to find that the town has been taken over by Travis and his ICA goons. Sneak, shoot or disguise your way past to eventually get to a church where Skurky has taken refuge. Once you're there Skurky will take a priest hostage and you'll have to take him out during a point shooting sequence.

    Disguises found in the mission: Agency Heavy Trooper, Hope Police Officer.

    One of a Kind

    "Tailor shop in Little Italy, Chicago belonging to "Tommy the Tailor", long time ICA supplier. Tommy is a friend.

    I know my destination; Blackwater Park. The end game is approaching. But first, I need to regain my focus. What I need is a new suit and there is only one place to get it. Tom the Tailor."

    Sections: Tailor Shop.

    The smallest and shortest "mission" in the game. You simply need to get the new suit, and leave. Before you do, get the 4 disguises hidden in the mission.

    Disguises found in the mission: Bird Costume, Ice Cream Truck Driver, Hot Sauce Factory Chef, Sewer Worker.

    Blackwater Park

    No Caption Provided

    "Blackwater Park. A building under siege. Dexter will be expecting my arrival. I took his son. If he is mad enough to take on the Agency, would he also sacrifice Victoria to get back at me? I need to be careful. But one way or the other, this is where it ends."

    Sections: Blackwater Park, The Penthouse.

    Blackwater Park is closed off to the public and 47 needs to make his way to the penthouse. Once in the penthouse, you must kill Layla - Blake Dexter's personal assistant after which you must make your way towards the roof and the next mission.

    Disguises found in the mission: Blackwater Bodyguard, Blackwater Park Exterior Guard, Blackwater Park Interior Guard, Blackwater Maintenance, Blackwater Manager, Blackwater Receptionist, Blackwater Tactical Team, Plumber, Samurai.


    No Caption Provided

    "Blake Dexter. He will destroy the building and sacrifice his own men in a heartbeat before giving up Victoria. The only thing keeping him from leaving is Layla. I have to take him down before he realizes she will not be coming back. This man is utterly ruthless. He will stop at nothing to get what he wants. I guess we have that in common."

    Sections: Blackwater Roof.

    This mission is very linear and small, but also unique in the fact that you only have 5 minutes to complete it before Blake blows up the roof. Should you be detected by anyone he will blow it up. There is also a large number of mines planted near the end of the mission. Your target is Blake Dexter.

    Disguises found in the mission: Blackwater Tactical team.


    No Caption Provided

    "Diana. I have kept my promise. Victoria is safe. Her future is now her own. Only one thing remains. Travis. He is out there. Hiding behind his ICA muscle. His cowardice only matched by his increasing paranoia. This is how it's supposed to be. Me. A target. A contract. I already know how this will end."

    Sections: Cemetery Entrance, Burnwood Family Tomb, Crematorium.

    The last mission of Hitman Absolution. In it 47 must tie up loose ends, namely Jade and Benjamin Travis. The first sections you can either sneak your way past or shoot your way past. In the Burnwood Family Tomb the target Jade is located, after taking her our the Crematorium is all that's left. There you'll have to take out The Praetorians, Travis' personnel elite group of bodyguards. Although they're actually quite easy to kill, you really just need to worry about the laser activated explosives. After the Praetorians are dead, place the explosive on the door and 47 will kill Travis.

    Disguises found in the mission: Agency Technician, Agency Grunt, Agency Heavy Trooper.

    The Barcode Society

    In 2012 a site called "The Barcode Society" was launched by Square Enix.

    Barcode Society Logo
    Barcode Society Logo

    The website is made for and dedicated around the Hitman universe and the whole community around it. That means that not only does the site contain information about the newest installment Hitman: Absolution, but also the previous games in the series. Upon registration users have access to comment on posts, forums and more.

    The site contains a lot of visual information such as videos and artwork, along side forums and blogs from IO Interactive employees.

    Hitman: Sniper Challenge

    No Caption Provided

    Consumers who pre-ordered Hitman: Absolution were given a code to download a standalone mini-game called Hitman: Sniper Challenge in which players compete for high scores on a leaderboard and try to unlock 12 different weapons which can be carried over into Hitman: Absolution.

    PC System Requirements

    Minimum Requirements

    • CPU: 2.4 GHz dual core Intel or AMD processor
    • RAM: 1GB of system memory
    • Graphics: DirectX 10 compatible card with 512 MB RAM. Nvidia 8-series or AMD Radeon 3000 series graphics cards.
    • Operating system: Windows Vista
    • DirectX compatible sound card
    • 10 GB of hard drive space

    Recommended Requirements

    • CPU: 2.6 GHz quad core Intel or AMD processor, Core i5 or Phenom X2
    • RAM: 2GB
    • Graphics: DirectX 10 compatible card with 1GB of video memory, Nvidia 400-series or AMD 5000-series.
    • Operating system: Windows 7
    • DirectX compatible sound card
    • 10 GB of hard drive space

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