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The Community Spotlight 2019.01.05

After taking a break last week for the site's slew of GOTY content, the Community Spotlight returns with...a slew of GOTY content.

Hello everyone and welcome to the first edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight set during the year of 2019! As always I, @zombiepie, am honored to be your host this week. As many of you noticed, there was no Community Spotlight last week because the site was still doling out its fantastic Game of the Year content. As such, this edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight is PACKED to the gills with awesome community content both related to Game of the Year and a variety of other cool discussion topics. I will warn you that this is one of the largest Spotlights I have made since it became a feature on the site. Therefore, I apologize beforehand if I missed your blog or list! Without further ado, let's jump into the wonderful works of writing and art the community has to offer this week!

User-Made Game Of The Year Content


I'll leave you to find out which Giant Bomb user talked about vore in their GOTY blog.
I'll leave you to find out which Giant Bomb user talked about vore in their GOTY blog.

StarvingGamer's Games Worth Starving For (Or Otherwise) In 2018 (By: @starvinggamer)

StarvingGamer finally got around to writing a 2018 GOTY blog but got incredibly creative with their awards! Find out which games took their "Best Old Game" and "Best Moment or Sequence" award by clicking the link above!

Dafdiego777's 2018 GOTY Spectacular (By: @dafdiego777)

dafdiego777 uses their latest blog to eleven favorite gaming memories from 2018! Find out which games stuck out to them in all the right ways!

ArbitraryWater's Favorite Games Of 2018 (That Didn't Come Out In 2018)(By: @arbitrarywater)

ArbitraryWater highlights the good and bad "classic" games they played in 2018! If I told you one of their award categories was "Obscure Bullshit Fire Emblem of the Year," would you be more interested?

2018: Olivia REVIEWton John! (By: @xenturik)

XenturiK uses their 2018 year in review blog to run down every game, show, and movie they watched! See what sources of entertainment stuck out to them in all the right ways!

It's bananas to think last year also marked Street Fighter's 30th anniversary.
It's bananas to think last year also marked Street Fighter's 30th anniversary.

ZombiePie's 2018 Multimedia Awards Show Extravaganza! (By: @zombiepie)

Giant Bomb moderator ZombiePie took an unorthodox approach to their 2018 GOTY blog by pitting games against anime, trends, T.V. shows, technology, and wrestling. Luckily, it still provides a few good laughs.

MocBucket62's Top 10 Games of 2018 (By: @mocbucket62)

MocBucket62 thought there were plenty of games to enjoy in 2018! Learn what they are, and why these particular games on their list stood out to them throughout the year!

2018 Sucked, But The Games Were Pretty Good (By: @sam_lfcfan)

2018 was a rough year for Sam_lfcfan, but luckily video games were a personal highlight through and through. Learn which games helped them through their rough patches last year.

The Tenth Annual Moosies Holiday Awards Spectacular: X-TREME (By: @mooseymcman)

Many thanks to XenturiK for making this banner!
Many thanks to XenturiK for making this banner!

As is tradition in this neck of the woods, MooseyMcMan is back with another batch of their "Moosey Awards" for the best and most notable games from the year that was 2018! Give this blog a read as it was a massive undertaking for MooseyMcMan to write.

Redhotchilimist's Top 10 Games Of 2018 And GOTY Awards (By: @redhotchilimist)

Redhotchilimist summarizes how they spent the last year concerning gaming. Read all about their personal highs and lows, including how they celebrated Street Fighter's 30th anniversary!

My End Of 2018 Awards (By: @danielkempster)

danielkempster hands out their End Of 2018 Awards on their latest blog! In a battle featuring games both new and old, see which games reigned supreme!

Game of the Year 2018 (By: @ghosthouse)

GhostHouse simply couldn't limit themselves to ten games for their 2018 GOTY list! That's why their rundown has eleven entries! Use the link to find out what they are!

2018 Games GOTY No GOTY Blog Post (By: @tbk)

Rather than go the "normal" GOTY route, Giant Bomb user tbk highlights the games that absorbed a majority of their time this year. Learn all about their adventures in Star Trek: Online, Destiny 2, and Metro Redux!

Weird how no one put Alphabet Jump on their GOTY lists.
Weird how no one put Alphabet Jump on their GOTY lists.

GOTY 2018 - Gods, Cowboys And Mutants? An Extensive Blog Featuring 40+ Games And Soulja Boy (By: @sessh)

Sessh's 2018 GOTY blog is over 6,000 words, and annotates his favorite and most disappointing games from the year! Give it a chance when you can, but be ready for significant read.

Games Played In 2018 (By: @jazz)

Giant Bomb user Jazz reviews everything they played this year using their latest blog. Give it a read and learn all there is to know about games both new and old!

The Mento Game Awards 2018 (By: @mento)

The stick figures are back for Mento's rundown of the year's most deserving games. Find out what won and what came tantalizingly close to a golden statue thingy.


I see you starin' at my lists.
I see you starin' at my lists.

Tweets Of The Week

Giant Bomb Galleria

Kone's Top 10 Gnames Of 2018 (By: @kone)

Kone took their 2018 GOTY blog in a different direction. They went ahead and made banners for each of the Giant Bomb staff using GOTY front-runners as the basis of the banners.

My Wife Couldn't Resist To Give Me One Of My Christmas Gifts Earlier (By: @yoghurt)

You might have seen it circulating on Reddit, but Giant Bomb user Yoghurt's wife made them an AMAZING Giant Bomb-themed version of "Guess Who?" as a Christmas present!

Community Activities

7th Annual GB AOTY Poll: "That's My Jam!" Edition (By: @dochaus)

Just a friendly reminder that you have ONE MORE WEEK to file a vote for the Giant Bomb community "Anime of the Year!" Click the link above to learn how you can help crown the 2018 AOTY!

Clips Of The Week

Every Time They Murder Someone in Hitsmas 2018 (By: @jeremym)

JeremyM couldn't help but sneak one last compilation video before the end of 2018. This time they went with a video compiling every time the Giant Bomb staff killed someone during Hitmas 2018!

I Remade That DBZ WrestleMania X-Seven Austin/Rock My Way Promo (By: @xanadu)

With the eventual return of All Systems Goku, user xanadu remade the WrestleMania X-Seven Austin/Rock My Way Promo using Dragon Ball Z. ANIME IS STILL A THREAT!

Best of Giant Bomb's Shenmue Endurance Run (By: @clagnaught)

Clagnaught/MichZurek made a WONDERFUL recap video compiling the best and funniest moments from the Shenmue Endurance Run! Check it out for immediate laughs.

We Lift Together - Presented By the Giant Bomb Warframe Community (2018 Edition) (By: @rapid)

The Giant Bomb Warframe community group wrapped up 2018 with a special musical video! The fun group took Warframe's "We Lift Together" theme to highlight the group's best moments.

Best Of Blogs

All of you statistics nuts should check out Marino's blog RIGHT NOW!
All of you statistics nuts should check out Marino's blog RIGHT NOW!

Data Dump: GOTY 2018 Staff & Guests Breakdown (By: @marino)

Marino usually compiles the stats related to the staff and guest GOTY lists and this year is no different! Give his blog a read and see which games got name-dropped the most this year!

Hitmas 2018 Contract Thread (By: @fadetofunk)

Many thanks to Giant Bomb user fadetofunk for recreating Brad's, Vinny's, and Dan's Hitsmas 2018 contracts in Hitman 2 for PC! Here they are if you want them, and use the link to thank the user!

2018 Video Game Protagonists All-Stars (By: @asmo917)

Asmo917 took the time to review the best video game protagonists from 2018! See if your favorite video game lead made the cut, but be warned, there are plenty of surprises to be had in this blog!

Read all about Star Citizen's future on Creigz's latest blog!
Read all about Star Citizen's future on Creigz's latest blog!

Some Thoughts On Star Citizen (By: @creigz)

Creigz has been following Star Citizen since its inception and uses their latest blog to review how things fared in the game throughout 2018, as well as the game's next steps going into 2019.

Anime Overload 2018: The Journey of a Thousand (and 84) Anime Begins With A Single Episode (By: @hamst3r)

Music maestro and friend of the site, Hamst3r reviews the countless anime they watched this year on their latest blog! Give it a read to discover their recommendations!

Meester's "I Confused This Place For An Anime Site" Anime Of The Year 2018 (By: @meestero)

Speaking of anime, Giant Bomb user MeesterO reviews their favorite anime from the year as we all slowly accept that Giant Bomb is becoming a repository of anime content.

Can you succeed where some of the Giant Bomb staff failed?
Can you succeed where some of the Giant Bomb staff failed?

December Vita Lineup And Upcoming Titles (By: @blacklagoon)

Giant Bomb user BlackLagoon ends the year the only way they know how, with a helpful annotation of every game set to release on the PS Vita this month!

Xevious 3D/G+ Is The Most Unexpected Game I Keep Coming Back To (By: @bigsocrates)

Xevious 3D/G+ isn't a game that may have crossed your mind recently, but for BigSocrates it's a game they cannot stop thinking about.

Ridge Ranker: #10, Ridge Ranker: #9, and Ridge Ranker: #8 (By: @pistonhyundai)

PistonHyundai is starting a new blog series where they play through and "rank" every major game in the Ridge Racer franchise! Read why the game's third outing is rougher than you'd expect. PistonHyundai's second blog on the Ridge Racer series looks at Ridge Racer V and laments the game's shocking lack of content. The third checks out Ridge Racer's 3DS portable outing, Ridge Racer 3D.

The Science Maximiser: Artificial Intelligence in Portal (By: @gamer_152)

It's Ridge Racer!
It's Ridge Racer!

A few weeks ago, moderator Gamer_152 looked at Portal and examines how it plays with the real conflicts which may arise between AI and humans, and if there are any philosophical lessons to pull from the game.

Saturday Summaries 2018-12-29: 2019 Q1 Preview Edition & Saturday Summaries 2019-01-05: New Streamline Edition (By: @mento)

Two Summaries blogs for the price of one in this Spotlight, as Mento covers GsOTY past and present, upcoming January-March '19 releases, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Jazztronauts, AGDQ '19, and much more.

Join The Discussion

So everyone, how's Bandersnatch?
So everyone, how's Bandersnatch?

What's Got You Stoked For 2019? (By: @sparky_buzzsaw)

What are the 2019 games you are excited to get your hands on and play? List and discuss your most anticipated games with the Giant Bomb community, and know there are no "wrong" answers!

What Games Were You Convinced To Play As A Result Of The GB GOTY Podcasts? (By: @nevergameover)

Did Giant Bomb's GOTY podcasts convince you to try out any new games from 2018? Return of the Obra Dinn, The Messenger, and Florence are the current community front-runners, but what do you think?

Blood Money And Absolution Remaster Coming In Jan 11, 2019 (By: @w00master)

Are any of you excited at the recently announced Remasters for Hitman Blood Money and Absolution? Do you think fans of the last two Hitman games should give them a try?

Will the
Will the "real" Hitman please stand up?

Bandersnatch (New Black Mirror Episode) Now On Netflix! (By: @pickassoreborn)

Calling all Black Mirror fans! What do you make of Bandersnatch? Did you enjoy it or hate it? Does it count as a "game?" Join our discussion, and feel free to share your SPOILER impressions of the story.

Tales of Vesperia "Definitive Edition" Remaster Discussion Thread (By: @atheistpreacher)

Tales of Vesperia is beloved by many who follow the Tales Of franchise, but how optimistic are you about the upcoming remaster?

Lovable Lists

Kassandra is a solid candidate for
Kassandra is a solid candidate for "Character of the Year" and the community seems to agree!

List of Shame 2019: "Twenty-Resigned-Teen" (By: @mento)

Moderator Mento made a list of backlog games they hope to get around to during 2019! Check it out and think about the games for your own list!

10 Games I'm Looking Forward To The Most In 2019 (By: @beachthunder)

Now that GOTY is starting to wind down, Giant Bomb user BeachThunder whipped up a list of the ten games in 2019 they cannot wait to play! Check it out and feel free to join them!

Best New Characters of 2018 (By: @sgtsphynx)

Moderator SgtSphynx looks back at the five best new video game characters of 2018! You might be surprised by some of their picks, but be aware there is a God of War spoiler.

Useful User Reviews

Thanks, I hate it.
Thanks, I hate it.
  • @nateandrews' State of Decay 2 review highlights how the game is "more of the same," but how that's to the game's benefit. Read all about it using the link above!
  • @pistolpackinpoet uses their review of God of War to share how it restored their interest in the franchise and the action genre in general.
  • @bhlaab uses their review of Suzy Cube to highlight how it is an indie platformer that feels like it is ripped from the previous generation of consoles.
  • @valorianendymion gave Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet a shot and highlights how it's possibly a fun time for dedicated Sword Art Online fans.
  • @selphie1999 is a fan of Final Fantasy XV and was massively let down by the Episode Ignis DLC. Learn why by reading their review!
  • @riostarwind checked out Iconoclasts before the end of 2018, and uses their review to talk about how it's a fun but overlooked gem.

Wonderful Wikis

Give me five, Giant Bomb Community!
Give me five, Giant Bomb Community!

High Five

Giant Bomb moderator Marino is always up for a good concept page. Mario Party Party 11 inspired him to right a significant wrong on the site's wiki database by making a "High Five" concept page that you are more than encouraged to add to if you can think of more examples.