GOTY 2018

If there's one thing I can say about 2018, it's that it was definitely a year!

In terms of games, the year certainly had some highlights =] To shamelessly plug, you can hear my detailed thoughts on all of these games and more by listening to our weekly podcast, Gaming Fyx! With that out of the way, let's get to some thoughts.

There were a lot of games I finished this year! A fair number of them will not be making their way onto this list (including Dead Cells, Obra Dinn, Cat Condo, Into the Breach, and Subnautica)

Before getting to my top ten best of the year, let's chat about the games that were tied for 11th! These will be in alphabetical order, so no ordering with these bad boys

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4:

I have played a lot more CoD in the past two years than the prior ten years combined, and BLOPS4 is a strong point in the series. It feels great, it looks great, and it's fun. I didn't stick with it, but it is absolutely a well-made game.

Donut County:

Charming as heck, cute, simple, and fun. I thought this would be a shoe-in on my GOTY list; but as the year continued, a lot of other games kept pushing it further and further down until it is here - in limbo. It's still great and wonderful, though!

Hungry Hearts Diner:

I never would have expected for an idle game to make me contemplate parts of my life, and to question things in the way Hungry Hearts did. It is relaxing, sweet, and has a whole lot of heart. I got misty eyed at certain parts, and still have it installed on my phone despite having finished it months ago.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate:

I have never been huge into the Smash series; but this game is really fun, and the online has been a really rewarding experience. I have enjoyed playing Inkling a lot, and am excited to get deeper into more online matches.

Two Point Hospital:

Easily the best management sim made in years! It is mechanically complex; while also being wholly approachable. It's so charming and funny, but also challenging and rewarding. A fantastic game that is 100% worth your time.

Wonderful Everyday:

The game is really well written madness, and also extremely hard to recommend to most people. I love it, and have put about 50 hours into it, but also don't feel great putting it on the top-10 list given that it's a few years old, and I'm also not at the end. It's a really unique story, though.


I think this technically came out in late 2017; but I didn't come to it until early this year haha. I still play the dailies every day, and it is a fun challenge! It isn't mechanically deep or anything; but it is well-crafted and a good way to kill 5 - 20 minutes.

Alright, let's get to the real list!

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