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There are statuses on Giant Bomb?! Awesome ^^

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  • Stupid fun, and legitimately funny. I had a blast playing through this all in one night with friends.

  • A fantastic mix of Persona and Etrian Odyssey, probably my favourite 3DS game (between this and Zelda from last year).

  • Music, Gameplay, Art... Everything about this game is top notch. Really, really enjoyed it.

  • Fun puzzle game on the iPad. As a longtime fan of Hitman, I felt like it translated well to this style of puzzle game =)

    Aveeee marrriiiaaaaaaaaaa

  • Great game. Ended up doing all of the side quests, even though there wasn't really that much payoff. The quality felt consistent, though - an accurate adaptation of the show.

  • Full disclosure, I know a lot of the team who worked on this game. I have legitimately enjoyed my time playing it, though I have not yet finished it.

  • Played at a friend's house, and love it! I thought the original Bayonetta was "alright," but this is definitely several steps above. Super stylish, super fast, super fun.

  • Good RPG! Wasn't expecting much out of this game when I first heard about it, but was pleasantly surprised by how rich the world felt.

  • Good shooter, lots of cheesy sci-fi stuff. I've been a big fan of Wolfenstein for a long time (played Wolf 3D back on our computer back in 1994, played a lot of Return to Castle Wolfenstein, et cetera), so it was nice to see this modern adaptation done well.

  • I liked a lot of parts of this game, but it was a 4 star game for me. At some point all of the open-world stuff you could do got boring, and the story was kind of lame. It is beautiful, though; and the controls are perfect! The different powers end up being pretty clever, also (did legitimately like the "tv" and "neon" powers).