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My girlfriend also lives in SEA, and throughout the Singapore episode she had a perpetual grin on her face. She loved how they showed it, and with how pretty it looked, she was almost convinced that Singapore's tourism department had some hand in it. (Spoiler - they didn't, which is even better)


Definitely! I feel like the show is getting some attention, but definitely deserves more. It's lovely ^^

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No criticisms to speak of, over here! It is working far better than the previous system, and is intuitive. Thanks, devs! <3

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GOTY 2017

1. NieR: AutomataIf you've read my review on Giant Bomb for this game, you know I have nothing but glowing things to say about it. Not only is it my 2017 GOTY, it also sits atop of my (long-established) "Top Games of All Time" list. It is a very important game, and - at least in my mind - has established Yoko Taro as a figure everyone needs to be watching moving forward.
2. Night in the WoodsThis game was a very "right place, right time" kind of game for me. I had just found myself unemployed, had recently gone through a breakup, and was in a state of depression (I have clinical depression). I figured I'd play something cute, so I tried Night in the Woods. This game is about depression, and it handles it in a way I really appreciated. The characters are real, the scenarios are real, and the dialog is real. I love Night in the Woods. It has its flaws, but I love it.
3. Doki Doki Literature ClubI really, really, really want to say why - in a year as strong as 2017 - a cutesy VN has made the top 3 of my list; but it would be doing a disservice to you if you have not heard of it, nor played it. If you are reading this, and you like VNs, you need to play this game right now - it is 100% Free, and absolutely a worthwhile experience. Along with NieR, it is the very definition of "this could only be a video game."
4. Battle Chef BrigadeGrowing up, I adored Iron Chef. I watched it every day after school, and it inspired me to love cooking. I also love puzzles, and I enjoy Monster Hunter. As a game, Battle Chef Brigade hit me right in the face, and I finished it in two sittings. I love everything about it, and look forward to playing it again!!!
5. TacomaI liked Gone Home, but I wouldn't say it was one of my top games ever. I really, really, really loved Tacoma. In terms of "walking simulator" games, I can't think of a single one that did more for me than Tacoma. The core mechanic is really fascinating, it is well directed, well written, tells a compelling story, and has a spectacular ending.
6. SteamWorld Dig 2Steamworld Dig 2 is kind of crazy, and it's hard to describe exactly why. It feels similar to Civilzation to me in a certain way, in that it fills me with the "one more turn" mentality. I found myself saying "it's almost time for bed... I'll just do one more round..." (which would invariably turn into 2 or 3 or more). It's a charming game, and actually has a really surprising story payoff at the end!
7. Hellblade: Senua's SacrificeI do not have psychosis, but through having played Hellblade, I feel as though I have more context and respect for those who do. Similar to Night in the Woods, Hellblade treats mental health with respect, and tries to convey the struggle of being afflicted by something in your mind in an interactive medium. I think the game has some pretty glaring faults, but it did so many things well (including game design) that I cannot help but think highly of it.
8. Persona 5I love Persona. Persona 4 was, previously, my top game of all time. I think Persona 5 nailed a lot of things, and it was a pretty fantastic JRPG. Unfortunately, I cannot find myself passionate about the game. It did a lot right, but the stuff it did wrong bummed me out enough that I was left a little deflated. I think it is 100% worth playing, and if it is your first Persona game, it is possibly the best one to start with since it has the best mechanics in the series! But again, not my favourite Persona, unfortunately.
9. Wolfenstein II: The New ColossusMan, what a dumb, fun game. The story was a rollercoaster ride through an extremely well told narrative. I loved 95% of the story, but man, this game has some huge caveats. The gameplay is actively bad, the stealth system is broken, and map design is unintuitive (not to mention the game crashed a ton for me on PC). If those issues weren't there, this game easily would have been in my top 5; but, as it stands, it is definitely one of the best of the year, but it also needs to be turned to Easy just to enjoy it.
10. CupheadThis is maybe one of the most beautiful games I've ever seen. It's kind of unbelievable, actually. When you couple that with an authentic and well-composed jazz soundtrack, this game is possibly the most charming one out there. It has one glaring issue, however - it is stupidly hard. I don't mind hard games. I actually enjoy hard games. But this game is hard to the point where some people may end up getting totally put off by it - they might want to experience all of the amazing art and sounds the game has to offer; but drop it because they cannot beat the first boss. Again, amazing game; but I really do wish it was more approachable for the average gamer.
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I think I'd tend to agree. "Best Story" is definitely a stretch. It is super innovative, and definitely cool; but best story? ... Nah......

I am happy it is being recognized for sure, and I hope being atop some of these awards will give it more eyes; but yeah, I do agree that it's a bit of a stretch haha.

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This is super silly, and also terribly acted. I love it. I also didn't know Ben was there, that's awesome! That would explain how he will sometimes bring up relatively obscure anime in the middle of conversations =) Thank you for this find!!

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I'd say that if you like anime, it's probably a good fit =) I would also say this game is the most appealing to those who have previously played VNs, as up until a certain point, it is very much a normal VN. They can be kind of slow paced, so know that going in. Otherwise, I can't recommend it enough!

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Sure! I'll do my best.

So firstly, my initial hour with it was off to a really bad start. I have a music degree, am a professional programmer, and have made games. One of the first things I'll notice in a game is the audio implementation - and Hollow Knight's is really bad. For an example, listen to the footstep sounds. For one, they are mixed extremely loud. For two, they used about 2 samples, which are repeating all the time. For three, these samples have zero randomization within their pitch (which is very standard practice when using a small amount of samples), so they get so repetitive that it is distracting. That's just the footsteps. There's also a huge variance in sample quality. Some of them sound like they came out of a library, whereas others (specifically the worms and a few other things) sound like it was some dude recording him making face-sounds with his cell phone. It 100% broke the immersion for me, and since it was like that from the very start, coloured my whole experience.

From there, I felt the gameplay was really bad. I had just come off of playing Steamworld Dig 2, which controls like a dream and has a compelling gameplay loop. Though I think HK does some cool stuff (specifically being able to heal yourself), there were too many caveats for me to enjoy it. The currency you collect was extremely fickle in its behaviour (I had some fly right through me), the jumping feels imprecise (I had a really hard time judging my jumps), the attacking feels imprecise (is my weapon going to hit? It looks like it is, but it didn't seem to), and movement in general didn't feel "good" to me (again, especially after playing SD2). Beyond that, I didn't really like the enemies. Yes, the boss designs were varied and fairly cool; but they weren't fun. That and the fodder enemies felt pointless, they were overly simple for the most part. I also think the death penalty was perhaps a bit too harsh, but I'm sure that just makes me sound like I'm "mad because bad" - but that was just a feeling on game balance.

This one is all me (and is 100% subjective); but I also really, really, really didn't like how it approached its whole attitude. It was really self-serious with its "grimdark" thing, and it felt like it was trying too hard. As someone who has played in numerous metal bands and watched people trying to "out-brutal" each other for like a decade, that whole thing is really old to me. Hollow Knight felt like it had that same attitude. "I'm going to try to be super dark and be trve kvlt." It made me roll my eyes more than anything else.

There is more, but they are way more nit-picky and minor. Hopefully that doesn't come across as bitter, it's sincerely how I felt about the game, and why I severely disliked it.