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Hitman GO is a turn-based puzzle game developed by Square Enix Montréal and originally published by Square Enix via Apple's App Store on April 17, 2014. Players use touch controls to guide Hitman franchise protagonist Agent 47 through numerous grid-based levels presented in a minimalist style reminiscent of a vintage board game. The game's characters are represented by miniature figurines which act on the board by turns, and the player's piece must sneak past or eliminate several different types of color-coded enemies in order to complete various objectives.

Hitman GO was later released for Android and Windows Phone mobile devices, as well as the Windows 8 Store. A version for the Amazon App Store was ported by illogika Studios.

The game then received a definitive edition release for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita as well as Linux and Windows via the Steam marketplace.


The basic gameplay of Hitman GO can be described as a clockwork puzzle viewed from a top-down perspective. Players are challenged to understand and manipulate enemy positioning and movement patterns in each level, using knowledge gained from previous levels as well as the current level's available toolset. Information is typically conveyed to the player in a strictly visual language without written text. Additional mechanics are introduced throughout the game, sometimes requiring trial-and-error on the player's part to understand a new mechanic's role in completing the level. Fortunately, the majority of the game's levels are relatively small to encourage experimentation.

Agent 47 must distract a blue-colored guard to complete this level
Agent 47 must distract a blue-colored guard to complete this level

Players must reach each level's goal point, a fixed node usually positioned at the opposite end of the playing grid, in order to progress to the next level. All movement of playing pieces is turn-based and restricted to the grid's paths and nodes. During their turn, the player's piece may move once between two connected nodes and, if applicable, utilize certain objects.

Nearly all of the game's levels also contain a number of enemy pieces which must be evaded or removed from play to reach the goal. Enemies can be eliminated by moving onto an enemy's currently occupied node in a fashion similar to chess. However, if an enemy piece moves onto the player's occupied node during its turn, the game is over. In certain levels, the goal is an assassination target that must be eliminated.

Successfully completing a level awards players with a Hitman logo "stamp", and accruing these stamps eventually unlocks additional multi-level campaigns for play. After completing a handful of the game's initial levels, the player can begin fulfilling optional secondary objectives in order to earn up to three stamps per level. Such secondary objectives include completing a level without killing any guards, finishing the level under a specified number of moves and picking up a brief case located within the level.

As the player progresses, several new mechanics are introduced that add further gameplay wrinkles; potted plants can be used as hiding spots, objects can be thrown to distract and change the movement patterns of enemies, and new types of enemies appear with their own unique behaviors.


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