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Giant Bomb Quotes that have sold me on games

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  • Vinny: "That is why you should buy Saints Row, finish it, and then go buy Skyrim and have that be your long game you come back to. That's fine! It's great to have a buddy you can talk to, but you want to fuck the shit out of Saint's Row 3 while you can."

    (GB GOTY 2011 Deliberations, Day 5)

  • Jeff: "This is, uh, the best wrestling game of 2012. Because it's REAL."


    Vinny: " What is that?"

    Jeff: "What that is, is the backstory to 'Hole In One'!"

    Vinny: "Oh, gotcha! OK!"

    Patrick: "You have got to be shitting me."

    (Quick Look: Rhythm Heaven Fever)

  • Ryan: I like the little bullet time.

    Jeff: Yeah, a little bullet time where I wiped out every single jet on the screen. And that was the end of stage one.

    (Quick Look: After Burner Climax)

  • Ryan: Why do they hate Asteroids? Oh no, you just killed one with an asteroid! Now I know why! Oh my god, we just saw the beginning of Asteroids!

    (Quick Look: Solar 2)

  • Jeff: What? I... Is this like the second dude you fight?

    Ryan: (nonchalantly) Yeah.

    (Quick Look: No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle)

  • Brad: Oh god here it goes -

    Jeff: Eat the ghosts, eat the ghosts, all the ghosts!

    Brad WHOOOOOOOO!! [moaning and panting]

    (Quick Look: Pac-Man CE DX)

  • Brad: So this is the one where I had the epiphany about this game ... if you just never stop moving...

    (Quick Look: Super Meat Boy)

  • Jeff: [massive spoilers about the last mission], They fucking pull that shit off; it's crazy.

    Patrick: Why didn't you tell anyone about this last mission sooner? What are you talking about?!

  • Brad: So, I thought this game was gonna be dumb before I played it, and it totally is, but not the kind of dumb I expected!

    (Quick Look: Red Faction Guerrilla)

  • Vinny: Oh, maybe that'll make you big again. Ya--

    Ryan: Oh God! Oh Jesus Christ! It did the opposite of what you said, Vinny!

    (Quick Look: Wizorb)

  • Ryan: So, it's got this good 50s sci-fi invasion feel, they talk about Planet X, and they kind of frame each of the missions with little FMV sequences like this


    Ryan: I feel like there's a good balance between making that look like real newsreel stuff and also there being physical strings on all the UFOs.

    (Quick Look: Unstoppable Gorg)

  • Jeff: He's a good movie-ish villain, but oh, all these characters that are on your side are the fucking worst! And that's GREAT!

    (Quick Look: Far Cry 3)

  • Jeff: Let's see violence!

    Brad: Oh, you're seeing it! Oh, you are seeing it!

    Jeff: Build some more dudes while this is going on!

    Brad: Oh, I don't know if I'm good enough to do that.

    Dave: There you go, go back, go back, go back!


    (Giant Bomb Plays the Starcraft 2 Beta)

  • Ryan: Here it comes, here it comes, it's gonna crash on me, it's gonna crash on me!!! [cheering] Ryan: So now we are driving up the side of the crashed space needle.

    (TNT: Split/Second)

  • Brad: You know, The Star has a dual benefit of getting me a new ability and matching my light fixture.

    (Quick Look: Devil's Attorney)

  • Patrick: Oh that monster meat is bringing down my [health], oh no!

    (Quick Look: Don't Starve)

  • Patrick: Oh wow, OK. So these are actually some of the mechanics from the Shooter series. So I was overheating.

    (Quick Look: Pixeljunk Sidescroller)

  • Brad: Alright, one of the best things about this game, there's a DS. Like just an actual fat Nintendo DS.

    Patrick: And then they call it the Dual Scream.

    (Quick Look: Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon)

  • Ryan: It's like a turn-based side-scrolling shooter.

    (Quick Look: Serious Sam: The Random Encounter)

  • Brad: We've got our window!

    Vinny: Oh my gosh! ... You got this!

    Brad: Oh, this is beautiful, beautiful!

    Vinny: "Some days I just like to look at my yard and wonder, 'Why is life so beautiful?' No, not here, not now!'"

  • Vinny: Why is that? Why is that happening?

    Jeff: I made the bear and the dog spin.