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    Line of Sight Stealth

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    This stealth mechanic is based entirely on the enemies' range of vision. Light and shadows play no part in whether or not the enemy can see the player.

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    Line of sight stealth was one of the first stealth system ever made, it is used in several games where stealth is an element of the gameplay. To utilize this kind of stealth the player can crouch or go prone to get closer to the enemy rather than attacking them head-on. Leaning, Cover Systems, and even a 3rd person view around a corner allow the player to see without being seen, but when the player exposes himself it is more likely that the enemy will detect him.

    Gadgets and Powers

     Some games features gadgets and various tools to see enemies through walls, cameras under the door, or even be invisible, using disguises/ transform into an ally of the enemy, these tools are sometimes used to help the player to not be spotted under the enemy sight or seeing the enemy without being seen.

    Enemy sight indicator

    Some games features a line of sight indicator that the player can see via a radar or directly on the enemy. This is usually depicted as a cone shape in front of the enemy that indicates the enemy's view and range. Some are scaled to show the exact range at which an enemy can detect the player, allowing your character to pass unnoticed even if you move directly in front of enemy just outside of their cone. Others are scaled as a rough approximation meaning that even if you are slightly outside of the cone the enemy still may be able to spot you or get suspicious and investigate. The enemy's view can be also be used as a means to lure the enemy into a trap or distract them.
    The enemy sight indicator can be a full part of the gameplay and a tool given by default, but some other times the game doesn't give this tool by default, sometimes an item or power can be taken to have this tool.

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