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    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Aug 18, 2015

    Volume is a stealth game by Thomas Was Alone designer, Mike Bithell.

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    Mike Bithell's followup to Thomas Was Alone, Volume is a top-down stealth game set in a futuristic dystopian England. It is a timed-exclusive for PlayStation 4 and Vita, with PC and Mac versions following a month later.


    Volume is heavily inspired by early entries in the Metal Gear Solid franchise. Players cannot engage in combat, therefore, they must rely on their array of gadgets and skill to progress. Like the original Metal Gear Solid, the game features a top-down perspective.

    Along with a traditional campaign, the game will support user-generated content.


    Volume's story is a sci-fi retelling of the Robin Hood legend in which the protagonist, a petty thief called Locksley, discovers a device which allows him to simulate heists.

    Volume: Coda

    The PlayStation 4 version of Volume received a free expansion alongside the release of PlayStation VR. The expansion included 30 additional levels and could be played through the VR headset (although is not required). The new levels extend the story of the original and includes additional characters.


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