GOTY 2015 (Adjusted)

Adjusted GOTY lists are something I'm experimenting with. It is impossible for me, both in terms of time and monetary resources, to play every game that piques my interest in a given year. I cannot get the spread that something like Giant Bomb can, with its staff of seven people (give or take a Rorie), and so my GOTY lists tend to suffer from the limitation as a result. Usually, I play just enough new games that year to fill out a list of ten, though I'd much prefer a surplus that I could judiciously whittle down.

So instead, what I'll start doing is create GOTY lists that also cumulatively apply the subsequent year's playing history, and the year after that, and so on. As I catch up with my backlog, I should get a clearer picture of what games resonated with me most that year, irrespective of when I actually got around to playing them.

My original 2015 GOTY list is here.

(Currently owned 2015 games to explore in 2017: Xenoblade Chronicles X, Tales of Zestiria, Ori and the Blind Forest, Tales from the Borderlands, SOMA.)

(Currently unowned 2015 games I hope to check out in the future: Trails in the Sky Second Chapter, Trails of Cold Steel, Just Cause 3, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Yakuza 5, Bravely Second: End Layer, Yoshi's Woolly World, Cradle, Rebel Galaxy, SteamWorld Heist.)

List items