Game of the Year 2018

When we started the year off, I was actually relieved to see that there wasn't the same glut of quality releases heading our way as in 2017. Say what you will about other happenings therein, where it concerned digital interactive entertainment it was a hard act to follow. I was looking forward to the comparatively calm and relaxed pace that 2018 promised.

So naturally I spent the last month rushing to put more time into the things I'd ignored and put off in favor of replaying old favorites and dicking around in character creators for hours on end. Same as every year, really- time management is an essential life skill that I do not practice often enough.

It's cost me a bit this time around- had I played more of Vampyre, among others, I'm sure it would have earned itself a spot on this list. Instead I blew a bunch of hours trying and failing to get a Rathalos Ruby. Next year, handsome vampire doctor.

Also, the top 5 can be shuffled in pretty much any order and still come out with a list I'd approve of.

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