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I was apprehensive about this episode back when I first heard about it, and didn't feel much better due to not really liking the way that Before the Storm's main story played out and some of the decisions the developers made throughout. I was actually really pleasantly surprised, though, at how much I enjoyed this Bonus episode, and very glad that it fit in fairly well with the original game. Bringing back the original VAs was a nice touch, though I think all involved did a pretty great job.

The events taking place in such a small time frame does seem a bit contrived for maximum tragedy, but I felt like it was a pretty believable chain of events. They mentioned in the original game that Max's family moved shortly after the accident, and when you see the morning of the crash back in Life is Strange, the girls certainly aren't acting as though one of them is leaving town. I felt like it was a pretty smartly written addition to the overall story, and a much better way to leave things than BtS episode 3. That post-credits stinger was a real dick move!

So, yeah. It was a good ending. I'm happy with it, and actually glad that this is hopefully the last we'll really see of these characters. I'm a big fan of letting stories end in the right place, and this one certainly feels like it's wrapped up. I do look forward to whatever they're doing for Season 2, though.

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Every time I hit "View Account Details" I was seeing someone else's account information. Steam is fuuucked at the moment.

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I've thought about it a lot and come to the conclusion that I actually really like the way the game wrapped up. It's not quite what I was hoping it would be- and that's maybe the point, as the alternate Max in the dream sequence points out that your fumbling through time to make friends with everyone and get some perfect ending has fucked up the world in a myriad of ways-best exemplified by the giant tornado tearing towards Arcadia Bay. The whole dream sequence was really out of nowhere and was, without a doubt, the scariest experience I've had in a video game that I can remember, even in a post Silent-Hill world.

My personal takeaway from the ending is that, no Max, you can't get the timeline where Victoria is a better person, and Jefferson gets caught before he can do any more harm, and Kate knows you're there for her all the time, and you somehow manage to sway the Vortex club to not being such dicks, and so on and so forth. Or, you can, but it comes with nosebleeds, headaches and the world tearing itself apart in revolt at your messing around. In the end your options are to set the timeline back to the way it 'should have been', presumably, or to accept the consequences of your adventure and watch Arcadia Bay be destroyed. For the record, after that whole nightmare trip, staring at the city and thinking about what the right move was, I decided that the natural timeline was being kind of a dick and I'd just say fuck it and let the town get shredded. I'm not too unhappy with that move, either.

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@clairvoyantvibrations: I dunno about you, but I went through that whole dream stealth sequence and never saw a bottle. So you do NOT have to do that.

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I finished the episode, went out and did everything I needed to do this morning, came home and then freaked out a bit. I knew Jefferson was a scumbag and figured that David was kinda on the right track. My best guess was that the school staff as a whole- or at least Jefferson and the Principal because of their argument in episode 2- were in on something and Nathan was a lackey/manipulated, because that dude's clearly more unstable than outright malevolent, and his ranting about the dark room/drawings made me think that he was definitely not the mastermind type...

But I really didn't expect Rachel to be dead. Somehow after all this time I was waiting for her to tie into the larger mystery of Max's time travel powers, so that scene where they find the photos and then the body at the junkyard hit pretty hard. Really well done. Then the second moon appeared in the sky and my brain was just fucked until the episode ended. I'm wondering how, if at all, this is going to be resolved... what a great fuckin' game this is!

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It's always cool to see someone handing out games like this. If you don't mind/it's still available, I'll try for Stalker.

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I'm pretty excited for a sequel, but one thing I find particularly interesting: Prior to this, has there ever been a sequel that carried on from the bad ending of the previous game instead of the good one? I can't think of a single example.

Drakengard 2 continues from Drakengard's 'bad' ending (It's hard to figure out which counts as bad because they're all pretty fucked up), and Nier continues from Drakengard's Joke ending.

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I watched that trailer and was pretty excited for the idea of humans and aliens working together in radical future cities. Then the 'heroes' snuck into the scene and fired at a crowd of innocent people, which I'm sure is justified because aliens, and I sighed and realized it was gonna be another one of these stories. Holding out hope for a split campaign or something where I can play as cool aliens instead of terrorists.

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@falconer: The International Sign Language Stream has been the highlight of Eurovision so far this year.

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There's the classic "Dark/Demon Souls with no summoning", but aside from that it was probably playing Metal Gear Revengeance without killing any human opponents, just taking off arms/legs and leaving them to flee the battlefield via optic camouflage. The non-lethal bonus at the end of each battle is pretty substantial.