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John Carpenter's Top Six Games of 2013

The Horror Master himself lets us know what games he enjoyed most this past year.

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John Carpenter has made a number of the Giant Bomb staff's favorite movies--Big Trouble In Little China, The Thing, and They Live, just to name a few. Earlier this year, we discovered that Carpenter had taken to tweeting about video games semi-frequently, and Patrick got it in his head that he'd like to try and interview the man about his interest in the medium. The resulting interview also got us thinking that maybe, just maybe, Carpenter might like to submit his own list for this year's special guest Top 10s. Not necessarily expecting him to oblige, we reached out, and were quickly rewarded with a short, but intriguing list of the director's favorites. Below is the unedited list he was kind enough to send us.

John Carpenter's Best Video Games of 2013

1. ASSASSIN'S CREED IV: BLACK FLAG - Classic ASSASSIN'S CREED gameplay, awesome world, fabulous game.

2. FAR CRY 3 - Magnificent open world adventure

3. THE LAST OF US - Great characters make this a classic

4. DEAD SPACE 3 - Scary snow world and twitching monsters - Please dismember

5. REMEMBER ME - Unique female leading character in futuristic action game

6. BORDERLANDS 2 - I know, I know, it's from 2012, but the last add-on is this year and this is a brilliant, funny, action-blasted game! My favorite!

John Carpenter

Thanks, John.