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LittleBigPlanet Rerelease Bundles In Add-Ons & A Beta

Seven add-ons and 18 user-made levels come to LittleBigPlanet's "Game of the Year" edition.

Sackboy's back, boy! 
Sackboy's back, boy! 
Though a shot of the box cover made its way out via retail sites last week, Sony has formally announced plans for a Game of the Year edition of Media Molecule's LittleBigPlanet. This updated version of the game hits on September 8 at a full retail price of $59.99.

And what, you might ask, will you get for this newly-full retail price? Well, in addition to the main game, you'll also get seven of the add-on packs that were released for sale via the PlayStation Network. Those seven packs are...

  • Metal Gear Solid Level Pack
  • Metal Gear Solid Costumes
  • Monsters Constumes
  • Monsters Pack
  • History Costumes
  • History Pack
  • Animals Costumes

18 additional levels will also be included. As an interesting twist, these levels will be specifically created for the new edition by 18 different players from the LBP community. Interviews with these creators will also be included.

Lastly, people that get in on this updated release will also get a voucher for the ModNation Racers beta. Seems like you'd want people who were in on LBP from day one to get in on the beta for a new game that lets players personalize a lot of the content, rather than rewarding a bunch of bandwagon jumpers, but hey, they don't come down to where I work and slap the broom out of my hands, so whatever, right? Perhaps Sony will eventually open up additional ways to get into the ModNation Racers beta, but for now, this is what SCEA's Mark Valledor has to say on that topic, courtesy of the official Sony blog:

As of right now, this is the only way in, but depending on a number of factors, this may change. It’s probably best to register on the ModNation website to be the first to hear of any news.

So if you've already gone down the LittleBigPlanet rabbit hole and don't want to spend $60 for 18 additional levels and a beta, there may be hope for you yet... well... on the beta side, anyway. Hmm... I wonder if all of this will serve to make my sealed pre-recall copy of the game worth anything...    
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