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Mass Effect 3 Delayed into Early 2012

The ridiculously quick turnaround from Mass Effect 2 was apparently too good to be true.

When BioWare and Electronic Arts revealed Mass Effect 3 would be coming by the holiday season, less than two years after the release of Mass Effect 2, there was much celebrating. You'll have to store the party favors for a few more months, however: Mass Effect 3 has been delayed into early 2012.

"Today we have confirmed that Mass Effect 3 will be released in the first three months of 2012," said exec. producer Casey Hudson in a statement. "The development team is laser focused on making sure Mass Effect 3 is the biggest, boldest and best game in the series, ensuring that it exceeds everyone’s expectations. We'll have more details about specific dates as we get closer to release."

The note appeared on BioWare's message boards and Facebook pages.

Cue the sad trombone. But, hey, more time for Skyrim!   

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Posted By Marino

I love ME but this is a good thing. Can't say I'm surprised either.

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Posted By rmanthorp

Phew! This is probably good news considering the tide of games in 2011...    

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Posted By MrAristocrates

There's so much Q4 stuff, I can't blame them. Even if I was gonna get the game this year anyway.

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Posted By Mr_Skeleton


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Posted By frytup

Good. It seems like they rushed DA2, and the result isn't spectacular.
Hopefully, this will give them time to finish out the series right.

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Edited By MikkaQ
@MordeaniisChaos said:

" @mbk337 said:

" I think this is great news. "
Same. It needs time. The last game was very rushed feeling. So much shit was just thrown out the window, it felt like they just wanted to release it quickly. "
What do you mean? It came out three years after the first game, that's more than most games do, and that's more than it's taking ME3 to be made, even with this delay. 
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Posted By AhmadMetallic



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Posted By Foggen

I've stopped being bothered by game delays.  I'm already ass-deep in a game queue, so another several months doesn't bother me at all.

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Posted By Miketakon


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Posted By Stuart444

I was sad at first :( (still am a bit ;_: ) but then I realised that it will give me more time for Skyrim and other releases near the end of the year :)

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Posted By SlightConfuse

More time for skyrim

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Posted By Greatgrey

Thank God 

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Posted By morningthief

Needs more calibrating, no doubt.

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Posted By drew327

This is good

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Posted By BUCK3TM4N

good cause to many games are being released to fast

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Posted By hockeymask27

What ever time they need you know its going to be good anyways.

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Posted By EndlessObsidian

As long as it still comes out before Dec 21, 2012.

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Posted By dagas
@Davvyk said:
" Good, they rushed DA2 and i wont accept Bioware rushing my all time favourite franchise. "
I agree. if they have to spend some more time to not make ME3 reuse the same areas over and over then those are months well spent!
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that's okay with me as there are too many good games this November

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Posted By Ventilaator

Totally called it 4 seconds after they announced a 2011 date for it.

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Posted By chilibean_3

NOOOOOOOOOO.  But, hey, if more time equals an even better game then I'm all for it.  The original timeline seemed a little quick anyway. 

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Posted By Blair

Better late than mediocre.

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Posted By THRICE

Oddly okay with this having just picked up a 360 I was hoping to get Mass Effect 1 and double dip on ME2 to take a character through all three games now I have time to do so especially after Platinuming ME2 on PS3 a few months ago left me wanting to take a break.

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Posted By ShaneDev

The first and second did okay numbers, nothing mega huge but a success. I reckon they saw the amount of games that are coming out this year and the amount of them that will not change their release date. They probably think they have a better chance in early 2012, which they do.

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Posted By Contro

Expected ^^. I'm happy as long as they fulfil that goal.

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Posted By protomessiah

More time for them to polish it and prevent a Dragon Age 2 disaster, and more time for me to play Skyrim

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Posted By Jimbo

Called it (as did pretty much everybody else in that forum thread the other day). 

Even if they would be ready in time, it makes sense just to avoid Skyrim (not saying it would get destroyed or anything, but why risk splitting the audience?), and also so that EA aren't putting ME3 and Battlefield 3 out on top of each other.

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Edited By hexogen

Not a big deal. There are plenty of other games coming out this fall (as always), so I can wait. I'd prefer they take the time they need to deliver the best game they can rather than rushing it and leaving us with a product that's unpolished or unfinished.

I'd actually like the industry as a whole to space out the release dates more. They're getting better at it, but it still seems like the majority of big releases happen in the last four months or so of the year. I understand it's the holiday season and all that, but so many games come out around that time of the year that it starts to get overwhelming.

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Posted By Kyodra

After Activision reveals that the next Call of Duty is coming out in September-November I'm sure Skyrim and most of the rest big profile games will be delayed to early 2012 as well. I know, it sucks.

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Posted By Death_Unicorn

I was putting money on this.
Oh well, more time for them to make it amazing. 

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Posted By AnjinM
@demonbear said:
"This is great news. I don't want them to "Kirkwall" my mass effect, thank you! "

Demonbear called it. If the short dev cycle effed DA2, I don't want that to happen to ME3.
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Posted By Jedted

Sad but i kind of expected this.  Gives em more time to polish the game and make AWSOME!


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Edited By deactivated-57beb9d651361

Okay, good stuff. Where is this real news I'm waiting for, though?

What of Darksiders 2?
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Posted By MjHealy

I would this would be coming and I'm happy for it. I really loved Mass Effect 2, don't get me wrong, but I finished Arrival when it came out and have already played a tonne of Mass Effect. I would prefer a longer wait and enjoy the experience a bit more.

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Posted By Coldbrand

And it'll of course still be on the same engine since it's being made by EA.

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Posted By Kyreo


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Posted By GlenTennis

I'm fine with this pushback, i's more realistic. But if it gets pushed back again Imma flip my shit.

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Posted By Kayotix

Yeah, i called this when i first heard it was supposed to be out this year. no surprise
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Posted By megalowho

I guess this is good news... I don't want ME3 to end up like DA2. Still. FUCK

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Posted By SBYM


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Posted By Nomin

They're trying to add multiplayer, it seems. 

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Posted By Beomoose

GOOD. I want them to take their time, do it right. Don't make the mistakes Dragon Age 2 made.

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Edited By Dany
@Nomin said:

" They're trying to add multiplayer, it seems.  "


@Coldbrand said:
" And it'll of course still be on the same engine since it's being made by EA. "

What do you mean? They have been using the latest Unreal Engine for each game, this new game will run the same Unreal Engine as Mass Effect 2 for PS3 did
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Posted By afrokola

Now it can actually win a Game of the Year award, this year was looking pretty dicey for it.

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Posted By FreakAche


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Posted By Jeust

As long as it is awesome, I don't care!

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Posted By QKT

why do people think that releasing in 2011 will make it into a DA2? its a different group of people within bioware working on mass effect 3

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Posted By ImpureAscetic

Delays make me sad, but only in the short term. If Bioware/EA are delaying ME3, I think that bodes well for the quality of the game when it actually drops.* After the Dragon Age 2 rush job, I heartily approve.

*-- Not sure what the threshold is for x delays automatically = shitty product, but one missed holiday release ain't it. 
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Posted By imsh_pl


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Posted By General_D23

Upon a little more consideration, I suppose any post-E3 avoidance of ME3 info is now shot. I would've been barely able to stay in the dark until October/November, never mind next year.

Oh, well. Hopefully they keep good on their promise of less spoiler-filled marketing. They did pretty okay with that aspect in terms of DA2, though the lack of info on that going up to release was for...different reasons, looking back on it.