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Microsoft Sponsoring 'Halo Fest' at PAX Prime 2011

Finally, Halo fans will be offered a safe, comfortable public environment in which to worship, free of judgment and persecution.

Because no company can ever resist celebrating ten years of anything, Microsoft today announced it'll be making a big show of the series' tenth birthday at this year's PAX Prime, sponsoring an in-show fan-oriented extravaganza it's calling "Halo Fest." With the Halo franchise's decade mark quickly approaching, many among us may find ourselves suddenly realizing that we have gotten really, really old. 

Any PAX Prime badge-holder can access the event, which promises to offer a wide-variety of tantalizing delights for the Halo enthusiast, including tournaments, exclusive panels, and prizes. Hours will run all three days of the show--which is scheduled this year for August 26th to 28th in Seattle, WA--from 10am to 6pm. More details are expected to come along via the Halo Waypoint website in the near future.

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Though we currently still have no immediate clue what Microsoft's next entry in the Halo lineage will be, at least this event should provide ample opportunity for like-minded fans to intermingle and share in their particular, specific passion amid a whole convention's worth of people doing more or less the same thing for passions possibly not pertaining to Halo. And hey, now you have an extra special excuse to dust-off and don that epic Master Chief costume you spent weeks welding together out of used car parts and motocross gear. Finally, you can show it off to a crowd that will love you for you, and you won't have to risk being upstaged by the likes of the roughly six dozen girls dressed like Yuna, or that sonuvabitch Pyramid Head guy who somehow gets all the ladies' attention every single year. What is it about that guy, anyway?
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