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    PAX Prime 2011

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    The eighth annual Penny Arcade Expo took place from August 26-28, 2011 at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, Washington.

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    For the fifth consecutive year, PAX Prime invaded the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, Washington.

    The keynote speaker that kicked off the tenth PAX (the eighth PAX Prime) was David Jaffe.

    The PAX 10

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    In 2011, over 100 independent games were submitted for review. To be eligible for entry, games cannot have outside funding, cannot be mods of existing games, and must be in at least beta form. Previous games featured in The PAX 10 include Bastion, Audiosurf, Machinarium, and The Maw.

    The Music

    Continuing a tradition that started at the original PAX in 2004, concerts were held on Friday and Saturday night. The one big change for Prime this year is that no wristbands were given out on Friday or Saturday morning. In previous years, having a wristband guaranteed entrance into the concerts. This year, as with PAX East 2011, attending the concerts was on a first come, first served basis.

    • Jonathan Coulton
    • MC Frontalot
    • Metroid Metal
    • The Minibosses
    • Paul & Storm
    • Supercommuter
    • Video Game Orchestra

    PAX Dev

    PAX Dev 2011
    PAX Dev 2011

    The inaugural PAX Dev took place August 24-25 (the two days prior to PAX Prime 2011) in the Sheraton Hotel, which is across the street from the Washington State Convention Center. It served as a place for developers of both video games and table top games to come together and share ideas without the presence of the press and without the business aspects of events like E3. Panel topics include design, art, programming, table top, and indie development. PAX Dev was not open to the public and attendees must have been 18 or older to attend.

    • Developer Registration: $249.00 for 2-Day Pass
    • Student Registration: $129.00 for 2-Day Pass

    According Robert Khoo, President of Operations and Business Development at Penny Arcade, the first ever PAX Dev was a resounding success.

    Halo Fest

    Halo Fest
    Halo Fest

    343 Industries was a celebration of ten years of Halo during PAX Prime 2011. While considered a separate event, admission to Halo Fest was included with the purchase of a PAX Prime badge. Located on the third floor of the annex (directly below the expo hall), Halo Fest featured its own panels, tournaments, and other special events any fan of Halo would love. Halo Fest was open all three days from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

    Registration & Attendance

    • 3-Day: $60 - Sold out May 6, 2011 (22 days after on-sale date)
    • Friday: $35 - Sold out May 23, 2011
    • Saturday: $35 - Sold out May 14, 2011
    • Sunday: $35 - Sold out May 31, 2011


    Over one hundred exhibitors and sponsors are set to converge on the city of Seattle for PAX Prime 2011.


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