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From the creators of The Dishwasher games, Charlie Murder is a 4 player co-op brawler/RPG set during the coming punk rock apocalypse.


  • Consistent character building. Characters level up as you play them both online and offline and keep the same stats and equipment.
  • In-game cellphones, which serve as a "menu" where your characters can add skills, points, read email and texts, and even use the phone's camera function to snap hidden QR codes placed throughout the game that will instantly unlock an item.
  • Equipment and tattoos that not only affect the stats of character, but their appearance as well. This equipment can be gained through random drops after battling or bought in stores with in-game money.
  • "Anar-chi" powers which can be collected at tattoo parlors and used to turn the tide of battles.
  • Brewing your own (in-game) beer. Using certain ingredients found throughout loot drops, and at certain brewpubs, you can brew your own special beer to drink or sell for in-game cash.


Charlie Murder

The lead vocalist and namesake of his band, Charlie Murder. Charlie's class is Berzerker and has abilities such as dual-wielding.

Lester Deth

The guitarist and good friend of Charlie. Lester's Class is Mage allowing him to cast elemental spells and absorb souls of downed enemies.

The Rexecutioner

The drummer and main muscle of the group. Rex's class is Tank giving him powers including the ability to pick up incredibly large objects and grow enormous.

Tommy Homicide

The bassist and another pal of Charlie. Tommy's Class is Shaman granting him abilities including buffing the entire team and shooting out buzzsaws.

Kelly "Skelekitten" Skitten

The backup vocalist, tambourine and trumpet player as well as Charlie's girlfriend. Kelly's class is Mesmer with the advantages of faster sprinting and the ability to perform a dodge roll.

Lord Mortimer (Paul)

Charlie's former friend who grew so jealous of his success he literally sold his soul to the devil to gain unholy powers, summoning zombies and other evil fiends to destroy Charlie. Occasionally texts Charlie in badly-written English to mock him throughout the game.

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