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Miyamoto's Thinking About Next Wii Zelda Game

There's nothing firm to announce just yet... but they're thinking about it.

As long as it has a hookshot, everything will be fine.
As long as it has a hookshot, everything will be fine.
Nintendo held a Q&A session this evening, where Shigeru Miyamoto ran through many of the games shown at this morning's press conference, talked a bit about the process surrounding their creation, and so on.

But the most interesting pieces of info discussed what will eventually become the next Legend of Zelda game. It wasn't announced at the show, but Miyamoto claims that the team is sitting down and taking some time to think about what a modern Legend of Zelda game should play like. His view is that the game should probably require the use of the Wii Motion Plus, but that depends on the sales of that little hardware-enhancing brick. He also briefly touched on the way that some players think of Zelda as RPG-like, meaning that some players may not appreciate a deeper, more involved set of controls.

You can still consider the game to be unannounced, but it's something that Miyamoto is hoping to introduce next year. A quick bit of box-like artwork was shown, featuring Link and a smallish young woman. No photographs were allowed at the event.
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