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Peggle Says "Yo Dawg" to WoW

PopCap heard you like games.

Like this, but with less Xzibit.
Like this, but with less Xzibit.
Apparently PopCap's plans to insinuate itself into Blizzard's still-rather-popular online RPG have been coming along quite nicely, thank you for asking. It all started last year when PopCap released a Bejeweled add-on for World of Warcraft, allowing you to play one game while the game you're supposedly playing churns away in the background. 

If, for whatever reason, manipulating colored gems isn't how you'd prefer to be distracted from the tedious bits of Azeroth, PopCap's got your back, having today released a Peggle add-on for World of Warcraft. It's free, but it doesn't seem like a hobbled shareware version of Peggle, featuring 12 WoW-themed stages, a two-player mode, and leaderboards. Probably the most interesting feature here is the introduction of a /peggleloot command, which will award loot to the party member who scores the best Peggle shot, provided you're with friends and everyone's got the add-on installed. 
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