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Project Natal In Motion on Late Night

New Late Night host Jimmy Fallon invites Kudo Tsunoda on to demo Microsoft's newly revealed motion control system.

I haven't loved Jimmy Fallon's brief tenure as NBC's new Late Night host so far, but I'm willing to cut him some slack. Partially because of his obvious enthusiasm for the job, as well as his willingness to do weird stuff like bring Mark-Paul Gosselaar on in-character as Zack Morris, or have Kudo Tsunoda come on and demo Project Natal while everyone wears bright red jumpsuits, as he did last night. Kudo demos the same full-body Breakout game that was shown at Microsoft's E3 press conference, as well as a version of Burnout Paradise made to work with Natal. If you've got five minutes and 15 seconds to spare, you can watch the whole demo right here!


There's not much for new information here, but it's important that Microsoft is able to show that existing game concepts can still work with Natal. I think what impressed me most was how relatively seamless it was for Fallon and his guests John Krasinski and Stephen Moyer to jump in. There were still a few glitchy joint moments, but nothing as severe as what happened at E3. I have to imagine, though, that extra five seconds it took to switch over to the Burnout demo was excruciating for Kudo. Still, it shows a lot of confidence in Natal on Microsoft's behalf if it's willing to give a live demo on national TV.