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    Kudo Tsunoda

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    Ever wonder who the former head of EA Chicago and now creative director of Kinect is? Well BAM! There he is.

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    Kudo Tsunoda is the former head of the now defunct EA Chicago, where he worked on games like Fight Night Round 3 and Def Jam: Icon. After the studio's closure, he was hired by Microsoft, where he took on the role of the creative director of the company's Kinect hardware. He took part in the company's unveiling of the hardware, code-named Project Natal, during Microsoft's E3 press conference on June 1, 2009.

    As part of the Natal presentation, Tsunoda made headlines when, with a projection of his own Xbox avatar displayed behind him, he asked the audience if they ever wondered what the bottom of an avatar's shoe looked like. When he raised his foot to demonstrate his avatar copying his motion, he punctuated the demo with a statement of "Bam! There it is."

    Tsunoda also appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon where he demoed Ricochet and Burnout Paradise using Kinect as the controller.

    At the 2010 Microsoft E3 Press Conference, Tsunoda made a brief appearance to show off Kinect along with the hardware's launch titles. In years since, he has not been a public figure at Microsoft's E3 press events.

    Famous Quotes

    "Halo did an awesome job of building a first-person shooter exclusively for the console, and now hardly anyone plays first person shooters on the PC anymore. It’s all about the console."


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