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    Kinect Star Wars

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Apr 03, 2012

    Star Wars-themed minigame collection for the Xbox Kinect system that features a Jedi killing several storm troopers, and finally facing off against Darth Vader. A video of possible gameplay was first shown at E3 2010.

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    This Star Wars game was first demoed at E3 2010, showing a a Jedi facing off against a bevy of enemies from the Star Wars universe. It was announced that this would be the first Star Wars game to take full advantage of the Kinect hardware, Microsoft's new motion tracking technology. The Demo showed a near 1:1 ratio movement from the player to the character on the screen. The level shown was Naboo, the planet that Queen Amidala first reigned.


    Players will be able to hold any sword-like objects, such as toy lightsabers, without it effecting Kinect's motion tracking. Although the motion tracking is nearly one-to-one, Terminal Reality has developed the input to be augmented so that the animations look more fluid and graceful than typical players may actually be able to pull off.

    In addition to the Jedi mode, the game also features a Pod Racing mode and a Rancor mode. The Pod Racing mode allows the player to race through a variety of tracks in the Star Wars universe. The mode is controlled by pushing the arms forward to boost and accelerate, and pulling each arm back to turn the pod. Rancor mode gives the player full body control over the fearsome beast that first appeared in Episode VI and has since become a staple of many Star Wars video games. As the Rancor, the player is given free reign to run loose across multiple cities, causing as much destruction as possible within a time limit. Multiple abilities are at the player's disposal to accomplish this task, such as jumping attacks, clap attacks, and smash attacks.

    The game also features a one or two-player mode entitled "Galactic Dance-Off," a mode in which the game maps players' movements to dance moves performed by characters. The next move is shown via a small title card with a picture of the movement, and may use very similar technology to "Dance Central." Points are earned for performing moves accurately, then ranked on a five-star scale. The songs featured in this mode are covers of popular songs (such as The Village People's "YMCA" or Jason Derulo's "Ridin' Solo") with lyrical changes to fit a Star Wars theme ( "Empire Today", "I'm Han Solo.") Each dance features two separate characters who lead one half of the dance each; these include a Twi'Lek dancer, Princess Leia, Han Solo, and Lando Calrissian. Each song features specially created album artwork on the song selection screen.


    The story begins shortly after Episode I, and concludes during Palpatine's rise of power during Episode III. Players will control one of several new characters, and will visit locations and environment from the original trilogy. Bespin is the only location that has been confirmed.

    Darth Vader appearing in the demo implies that at least some of this game will take place between the end of the 3rd to the 6th Star Wars films. Specifically 19 BBY to 4 ABY in Star Wars chronology.


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