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Ryan Davis, 1979 - 2013

Giant Bomb has suffered a profound loss.

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Ryan Davis passed away on July 3rd. He was 34.

Obviously we’re all stunned over here. Ryan was a good friend to all of us. It’s odd to remember that, for someone who could be so acerbic at times, and despite knowing him for almost a decade, I honestly don’t recall ever actually being mad at him. He had an unconventional type of kindness that expressed itself more strongly the longer one knew him, and despite his teasing nature, he always managed to make his close friends feel loved when his attention turned towards you.

Many of you know that Ryan was recently married. In the face of this awfulness, many of us will at least always remember him as we last saw him: outrageously, uproariously happy, looking forward to his next adventure with the biggest grin his face could hold.

The consolation we can feel from that is miniscule compared to the hole that Ryan’s absence will leave in our lives. That’s not a hole that is possible to fill; it’s just something that we’ll just have to get used to walking around with, and that will not happen for a long, long time.

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Posted By ZombieHunterOG

I think its a testament to ryan and the kind of person he was that even though I've never met him i still feel as if i lost a friend my thoughts are with the GB crew and Ryan's wife

Rip Ryan

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One of the most genuinely funny guys I've ever seen. You could just tell he was a ton of fun to hang out with, he could make anyone laugh, I'm sure the GB crew misses him terribly. And so do all of us fans, Ryan brought me countless laughs and smiles, often when I was sorely in need of them, more so than most people I know personally. For that I thank him from the bottom of my heart and will cherish the rest of the GB crew all the more, life can be so cruel some times to take such an amazing guy away from us so young. Miss you Ryan.

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@spinadoodles: The comic strip was great. Touching. I think a lot of us can relate. Bravo.

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Posted By Spinadoodles
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I was just listening to spotify and it popped up 'Ryan Davis just listened to...', and for a moment I totally forgot. Must be a family member/friend on his pc. :(

Once again, thanks for everything Ryan, you will be fondly remembered.

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Gonna call this finished. Actually I'm going to call it "The Groom" but it's finished. Note to all, check your formating before you flatten an image.

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Posted By something_clevar

@spinadoodles: The spelling needs some work, but other than that it's a fantastic comic. Thank you for posting this.

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Posted By Mushi

This is so horrible. Too f-ing young! My best goes to his family, friends and all the staff at Giant Bomb. Surely a sad time for all of them.

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Posted By SandwichApoc

Unbelievable. Thoughts and prayers to the GB staff. I will miss that laugh so much.

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Posted By JayPee


It's going to be hard to go on without you. But it's what I know you would have wanted; to keep on enjoying videogames and loving this website. In that spirit I, we, shall go on. Enjoying your voice on old bombcasts and grinning at your antics on archived videos; framing all the things yet to come on the legacy you built.

Loss is part of life, but cruel. The joy and laughter and love you bring is truly a cherished thing, and one that I aspire towards. Allow this to be my thanks to you, for everything.

Rest in peace and remember,

China Don't Care.

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Miss the FUCK out of you Ryan. Tuesdays will never be the same.

Love all you Doods

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Posted By Forcen

@spinadoodles: That was so good it deserves its own thread/blog. Post one now!

Also added your comic blog till feedly.

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Posted By Alraiis

Ryan had so much energy, enthusiasm, and love of life that to me, in a dumb sort of way, he seemed immortal. A force of nature. Like, there's gravity, thermodynamics, and Ryan Davis on the Bombcast. And I say this as someone, like many here, who had no personal relationship with him. Just that voice every Tuuuuuesday, that energy that made his Quick Looks end a little too quickly, that overwhelming charisma. A light so strong I thought it would never burn out, but of course, reality has a way of being a goddamn asshole. To those who truly knew him, I can't imagine what it must be like to have him gone. I can only add my voice to that of the community and offer my deepest condolences to his friends and family—and to say thank you, Ryan Davis, for so many laughs and good times.

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Posted By corruptsaves

Totally understand that there is no Friday, I applaud you guys for even doing a video and podcast. I can't understand what you are going threw but I respect whatever you do dudes. My thoughts are with you.

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Posted By Danimo
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Tonight we drink and play to Ryan. RIP

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Several times each day, I find myself dropping in here to watch or listen to something involving Ryan, just for a little taste to keep me smiling. *sigh*

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@accolade said:
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Gonna call this finished. Actually I'm going to call it "The Groom" but it's finished. Note to all, check your formating before you flatten an image.

This is wonderful, and captures his presence.

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Posted By Googly

RIP Ryan. Tuesdays will never be the same without you :(

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Posted By SgtReznor

normally I judge people who get sad and upset over famous people who they've never met, but I must admit I squirted out a bunch of tears about this. I have endless amounts of respect and love for that guy, despite never having actually met him. I can't begin to imagine how I could deal with the loss his family and friends are feeling right now.

I'm gonna go bust out some summer jamz on Rock Band 3 for the man now, even though we're in the middle of winter

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Posted By eclipsecdn

I still don't feel like he's dead. It's crazy - the bombcast will never ever be the same.

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Posted By WMWA

This is great. Fuck. I feel so dumb for a person I never met affecting me this much. He did, though. Giant Bomb is a big part of my life. It's gonna be a long time before it doesn't hurt anymore

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Posted By WMWA

normally I judge people who get sad and upset over famous people who they've never met, but I must admit I squirted out a bunch of tears about this. I have endless amounts of respect and love for that guy, despite never having actually met him. I can't begin to imagine how I could deal with the loss his family and friends are feeling right now.

I'm gonna go bust out some summer jamz on Rock Band 3 for the man now, even though we're in the middle of winter

Same. I won't judge people anymore for it.

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Fuck this hurts so fucking much, god damnit, god fucking damnit.

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RIP Ryan, you were too young to leave us... I've been following the GB staff since the old days at Gamespot and always enjoyed your work and humor. We'll miss you. I'll never be the same again, but memories will stay.

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Posted By Tru3_Blu3

I think you should make this a sticky, Rorie.

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Posted By iakupo

RIP, thanks for making life bearable.

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It took a few days to articulate my thoughts, I would just like to say that I have been coming to this site for about a year now and Ryan's passing has shown me that when you see people everyday, whether they are people you interact with in person, or "personalities" you follow online, they do make an impact. Even for these past few days that the site has been on hiatus i would like to let every member of the Giantbomb staff that I miss you guys and this is not about the content on the site. Of course it's not the same amount as I will miss Ryan's voice, or his humor, or his overall personality, but all of you have seriously become a part of my life. Call that stupid to think of you guys that way, but I am opening my heart here and telling it like it is for once. And this is what the internet and the power of community can bring us and what I hope everyone who worked hard to send that first message on August 6th 1991 envisioned for the future. yes, it all may be tied to videogames, but it's common interests that form bonds. Ryan was not only someone I liked online, in a way he was a far away friend I never met that I got to know (well kind of, based on the bombcast I wish I had really gotten to know the man in person) through the various videos he did and believe me when I say it was a sigh of relief to see so many people feel the same way as I did and for once I didn't feel weird for feeling the way I do. From now on I will order bourbon with exactly one ice cube in your honor. RIP.

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Posted By depecheload

@spam101 said:

No no no no, I refuse to accept this.

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Posted By thecatswhiskers

I'm so profoundly saddened I'm lost for words, but the volume and sincerity of the posts in this thread capture and express my feelings more eloquently than my words ever could.

Thanks for everything Ryan, I'll never forget the joy you brought. RIP duder.

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Posted By thebipsnbeeps

@silock: Awww, don't be so harsh. It's kind of a heavy news to outright bear, y'know? Some peeps just react differently : (

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Posted By halomaster18

Sorry about sayn most of of my life and i agree with that other dude GROW THE FUCK UP!!! This guy is very honorable and this is no joke. not funny. 34 is young

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RIP, nothing else I can say

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Edited By belin43 ...Beautiful tribute... rest in peace Ryan...

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Posted By pLa

@belin43 said: ...Beautiful tribute... rest in peace Ryan...

thank you.

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Posted By SpottyMaurice

Rest in peace Ryan.

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Posted By LastNinja

Loading Video...

Bye Ryan. Keep on kicking ass up there, you magnificent bastard..

That video hit the spot right now. Awesome.

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Posted By Bolzen

I don't visit the site that often, usually getting my news from the Bombcast, so when I started listening to this week's (still haven't finished it) I thought it was a joke. Like "Now that he's married the old Ryan is dead" type of joke. Just now looking at the site I'm shocked and stunned that he's really gone. My condolences to his family and his new bride. You will be sorely missed, Ryan. R.I.P.

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Posted By madnewttheory

It's been four days since I heard about Ryan's passing and I'm still in shock. My thoughts are with his family and friends at such a difficult time.

Rest in Peace Ryan , you touched the lives of more people than you would ever realise and brought so much joy with your work.

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Posted By padrino

A profound loss indeed. He will be missed.

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There should be a Ryan Davis avatar on the front page of the site, permanently. Maybe one of the pixel art versions, somewhere near the bottom. Ryan was Giant Bomb, and he should be watching over it at all times. Nothing invasive, just a little stamp.

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Posted By bunnymud

The more time goes on I still cannot believe that he has passed. He had EVERYTHING ahead of him. By no fault of his own or something more cosmic an epic future was taken from him. When I think he may be un an underworld, fighting hell beasts that want to suff out the world and he is our hero fighting them back I totally break down. He deserves a AAA title game.

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I was stunned when I read the news of Ryan's passing, it makes me feel really mortal. RIP Ryan, you'll be missed. My thoughts go out to your family and the Giant Bomb crew.

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Posted By d_biro

I can't believe this. So awful. RIP Ryan.

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Posted By siavashh