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Sam Fisher Wearing Night Vision Goggles

Also, a release date announcement for the next Splinter Cell.

Some might call this the final conclusion of the bet between Vinny and Ryan regarding Sam Fisher's ability to see in the dark in the upcoming Splinter Cell: Conviction.

 This is what a 50 dollar bill looks like.
 This is what a 50 dollar bill looks like.
It even has the potential to settle what could have been a great "double or nothing" bet by showing him rocking one with three lights... or eye sockets... or whatever the hell they call those things that NVGs have.

The shot was yanked from a trailer announcing the game's release date, which is February 23, 2010. That... just to be extra-safe... will be when we can finally put this bet to bed, since the game will be out and absolutely finalized. It's merely a formality, of course. But we might as well drag this out to its official end before Ryan pays up. Here's the trailer:
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