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Stardust's Top 10 Games of 2014

The strangest celestial being in all of sports entertainment tells us which 10 video games must be collected in order to form the Cosmic Key.

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THat feEling u Had...WHEn yoU firsT r0de a biKe...thAt is where I COme from. The iOn ThruSters diDnt faiL me, as I enteRed the AtmoSphere in Cleveland, Ohio and WithiN 0nLy 6-monThs oF my pro-wrestling deBut i woN my fIRst majoR tItle(THE WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP with mY BrotHer-In-Dust, GOLDUST). At ArmsTech, I i woUld hAve Helped Hal Emmerich wiTh his "stealth camouflage", but tHats just fictioN. Although, I dO wear a Similar pieCe of equipMent currentlY in mY matches.


Thedas iS A lot Like a SmalL seTtlement Beyond the Star Arches-F6. 2 formS of combat Systems. Also, FREDDIE PRINZE JR BABAY!!!


ImMerSive richLy detailed and Easter EgG fillEd trackS. Link's AnimatIon when hE overHeats/burNs-out his vehicle(see ArMs waving madly) looks identiCal to a mating rituaL amongSt the LocAls on Saturn. Fun for The mosT busy, pick-up-play no Problem. ALso, The allOwance of alL races/TyPes of YOSHI is refreshinG. OH and Mercedes DLC(STARDUST doesn't drive, but If HE diD it w0uld be German engineered)

3-Hyrule Warriors

I orIginally WanTed mY entrancE music to bE "the bolero of fire"

This adDictive actioN slasHer n0t only tooK care of Hyrule's finest wIth clAss, buT it als0 servEd as geneRous GenErous fan-service. ThE whole Gang is heRe, anD they all HaVe weApons. Having Never Played a Dynasty Warriors, I am AlreadY a Fan simPly for How delicately thEy handled gaming's greAtest mythos/CharaCters.

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4-Halo The Master Chief Collection

HoW AbOut Blur Studio's cutscenes for Halo2?? I am actively communicating with The US Government, trYing to ImpleMent a Spartan-2 pr0gram(myseLf beiNg the 0nly candIdate initiaLly as I can surely Survive the Augments). As a Presence tHat has ActuAlly traversed The Cosmic Clock and BeeN in Space, it aLways surprises me HoW accuraTe certAin st0ry elEments of thE franchise aRe. (Cough cough) i oncE viOlentLy sTruck a IntrUder with a gravity-hammer in What You would Call "real life".

5-Clash Of Clans

am I evEn alLowed tO pick thIs game?? My reAson, becAuse there should have been a WARCRAFT 4 like yesTerday, but all yoU pencil-neckEd geeks haVe to take Up Blizzard's time with WOW.

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I 0nce Went fiShing wiTh a guy oN Plaskett's star, and He Said "the collapse" is a REAL thing and He LivEd through it. I waNt a ToUr of Bungie HQ. STARDUST would be a Hunter class....

My in-ring StYle is Run & GuN...and I'm sooooooooooo agiLe.

7-Shovel Knight

Ummmm DUCKTALES anyboDy?? I wAnt WWE Smackdown ring announcer Eden to be my Shield Knight. FinalLy a pr0per use of Kickstarter, not jusT some laZy bum askiNg for monEy.

8-The Legend Of Zelda A Link Between Worlds

I've BeeN tOld thaT I am The Ravio to Cody Rhodes' Link. CAn you Imagine turNing yourSelf into A painTing?? Even thougH it's an Indirect seQuel, thiS game retaining a GreaT deaL of the world of LTTP brings a Tear to eyEs, as gaming would be very differeNt today had thaT Classic never Been.

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9-WWE 2K15

NEver has sUch effoRt been Placed in accurately Animating and MoldIng the bodiEs of WWE Superstars. The Real question Is...will STARDUST be DLC or will yoU have to waiT until 2K16 to Enter the "menagerie of madness" "the keep of chaos" "the BLACK HOLE" That I briNg to the gaming World???

10-Alien Isolation

Creative Assembly cAptured the Feel of the original FiLm. I wAnt to see a World tHat bets oN Xenomorph raCing. FYI Enceladus, oNe of Saturn’s smaLler mo0ns, reflEcts some 90% of the sunlighY, makiNg it more refleCtive than snow!