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Thursday Night Throwdown 08/19: Monday Night Combat

Well is it Thursday or Monday? Make up your damn mind already!

Thursday Night Throwdown gets dissonant this week with Monday Night Combat, the recent surprise Xbox Live Arcade hit that has been lazily--and fairly accurately--described as a mashup of Defense of the Ancients and Team Fortress 2. Apparently we picked the right game this week, as our friends list has been full up since Monday! If you didn't make the cut, our condolences, though you can still watch as we buy turrets, gun down annoying mascots, and show you the moneyball on our live video stream! If you'd like to crack wise with other like-minded Giant Bomb users, feel free to hop on over to the Official Giant Bomb Channel.
UPDATE:  Thursday's Monday Night is over! Thanks to everyone who watched and played, and if you missed it, peep the archived version below.