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Thursday Night Throwdown 10/27: Battlefield 3

No helicopter will be safe!

We've got a dedicated, 64-player ranked server running Battlefield 3 for the PC, courtesy of Rolyatkcinmai and AhmadMetallic from the Giant Bomb community, and we'll be pushing it to the limit on tonight's Thursday Night Throwdown! We start at 4PM Pacific Time, so if you want in, join the Giant Bomb / Tested - US NYC 64 #chan server, or just search for "Giant Bomb" in the Battlefield 3 server browser. Expect a lot of Conquest mode, though if Rush is more your thing, user JackColt has been so kind as to set up a 32-player overflow server called JackColt's GiantBomb Community BF3.

If the way our Battlefield: Bad Company 2 TNT played out is any indication of how things are going to go tonight...well, let's just say 50 Cent would be proud.