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Toy Soldiers "Invasion" DLC Lands September 29

What a powerful beam they must have!

It’s happening more and more often; If game developers are planning to introduce anachronistic and random content to their game, they’re going to release it as DLC. Does all that “ dog dying” business at the end of Fable II get you down? Why not turn that frown upside-down with a puppy-resurrection potion for just $10? Tired of the grey and tan emptiness of the w asteland in Fallout 3? $10 is all you need to jump start your adventure directly into space!

So, if what you’re looking for in Toy Soldiers is to pit soldiers, trenches, and towers against an alien armada for the fate of Europe, than Signal Studios has your back, provided that you have $5. The developers behind that excellent action/tower defense hybrid for Xbox Live Arcade have revealed the second downloadable expansion releasing later this month. 
Joystiq reports that the new “Invasion” DLC pack will arrive with a new, three-level campaign that puts your tiny tin troopers against an extra-terrestrial force that will stop at nothing to deploy their tanks directly into your toy box. You’ll face off against new enemy types and pilot brand new vehicles over the course of the campaign. And there’s 50 extra gamer points for you in the pack, if that’s your thing.
Oh, and you get this.


 I love every single thing about this picture.
 I love every single thing about this picture.
== TEASER ==Simultaneously nostalgic and bad ass. How many games can claim that feat?

The Invasion pack will land on September 29 for 400 Microsoft Points, and looks to be the very last piece of downloadable content that Signal will put out for the original game. As far as I’m concerned, that robot is totally worth the price of admission.

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