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Ubisoft's Outland To Combine Darkness, Traps, And Platforming

It will also have big men with equally large skull-poundy things.

Classics like Ikaruga and Prince of Persia are two of the core inspirations behind a new Ubisoft-published game called Outland, a just-announced and upcoming downloadable that seeks to merge the interplay of light and darkness with the running, jumping, action, and fantasy of a traditional platform-based title.

As you can see just below, Outland will feature a creative visual style that is high on color and environment. The game might also play with scale a bit, if that Hoplite-looking dude is a fair indication of the kind of things we can expect to see in the game regularly.

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Details are light, but publisher Ubisoft has spent some time discussing atmosphere in Outland. According to a recent press release, the game will feature a world on the very brink of destruction--a world that is divided and apparently sways between light and chaos. As the protagonist, we'll be putting a stop to the flip-flopping into the latter.

Outland will debut at PAX in Seattle starting this afternoon and will be available to see through September 5 at Ubisoft's booth. It is being developed by Super Stardust HD creators Housemarque and has a tentative "early" 2011 release date on both Xbox Live Arcade and PSN.     

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